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Civil liberties crusader defends Richard Dawkins on … civil liberties

Just why Dawkins, who doesn’t apparently believe in free will, thinks the nanny state is a problem, is unclear. But who cares? more

Making “Darwin himself chuckle”

Oddly, most Canadian kids don’t grow up to believe Darwinism, but rather to recognize that Darwinism is part of the belief system that the elite enforce. That is a different matter, and it is the usual fate of enforced beliefs: more

Remember Dennis Venema? He’s that born again Darwinist at Canada’s Trinity Western University, and … he’s wanted for questioning

Well now, Discovery Institute has – in the person of fellow David Klinghoffer – challenged him to explain: more

Paul Nelson to speak in Toronto, Saturday November 5, 2011

Ably assisting him will be butterflies. more

Intellectual freedom: Because it is real, it has enemies

There is an enemy occupation, but there is still a free world. more

The criminal hyperlink, and how it affects you

Can governments succeed in getting control of the Internet? Probably not, ultimately. But they can target you in an inquisition from Hell while they slowly fail. An inquisition on any subject that a pressure group has made important. more

Eugenics and the Firewall: An interview with Jane Harris Zsovan, Part III

Denyse: First, step with us a moment into Scientific American’s past (a past it repudiates) where, in 1911, it enthusiastically editorialized about “The Science of Breeding Better Men.” How about this for an opening line: “ADA JUKE is known to anthropologists as the ‘mother of criminals.’” Well, how’s that for coming straight to the point? […] more

Just shut up and pay, losers … Part 3059 (yes, this is a new one)

Canada’s National Post tears into the Canadian Association of University Teachers’ “investigations” of Christian universities: The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) — which describes itself as Canada’s “national voice for academic staff” — says it has investigated four small Christian colleges and universities in the past 18 months because it wants parents to know […] more

Yanks: Come on in, the water’s fine …

In “Professors group accused of anti-religious bullying”, Charles Lewis reports (National Post, Feb. 8, 2011) on the underbelly of the Canadian Union of University Teachers: A group of academics has launched a campaign defending Canadian Christian universities against what it terms anti-religious bullying by the country’s leading university teachers’ federation.”What we have here is an […] more

Women science bloggers: Some thoughts

Robin Lloyd explains in “Woman science bloggers discuss pros and cons of online exposure” (Jan 18, 2011), Blogging and other Web activities have allowed members of many marginalized communities to open previously locked media doors. But women still rely more on back channels and ask for less help than men do in the digital realm. […] more

Coffee!! Darwin wrong? No! It couldn’t be! HuffPo to the rescue

Alarmed at a science paper that questions Darwin, Steve Newton advises us at the Huffington Post that Darwin was not wrong when he argued that competition was the driving force of evolution. The article suggested that large-scale changes in ecology played a bigger role. Of course, they did. … When an ice sheet covered much […] more

Here’s Jewish Canadian lawyer Ezra Levant on the flop of the recent antiChristian also anti-ID book

Apparently, Canadian Marci McDonald’s Random House anti-Christian book is a commercial flop. Go here, here, and here for intelligent-design related “marcis” = obvious errors such as claiming that proud Presbyterian Phillip Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial , had become a Catholic. At some point, truth needs evidence, not conspiracy thinking. It’s about time that […] more