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Video series takes you through Steve Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt

Chapter by chapter more

Darwin’s Doubt: Meyer not shy about admitting the best arguments contrary to his own – reviewer

In short, he doesn’t waste your time. more

Louis Agassiz: The selective incompleteness of the fossil record

As Agassiz explained, just those transition types have dropped out from the geological record which would have proved the Darwinian conclusions had these types been preserved. more

Steve Meyer: Cambrian gaps not being filled in

Compare it to paint samples at the hardware, to see the problem. more

Steve Meyer vs. hostile reviewer Charles Marshall (audio)

on whether Darwinian evolution can explain the diversity of life in the Cambrian rocks more

Remember when ID theorist Mike Behe’s letter was refused by Microbe?

Same thing has happened to Steve Meyer, author of Darwin’s Doubt, on the Cambrian explosion: more

By the way, Darwin’s Doubt at Amazon, November 1, 2013, about 4:50 EST

#1 in Paleontology and Creationism. Wonder how often that combo arises. more

Darwin’s Doubt reviewer: Darwinism as a faith tradition

Meyer goes over all of this as well as how Darwin thought his theory would be rescued by later fossil finds, inaugurating a faith tradition relied upon by evolutionary biologists since then in order to keep the theory afloat despite the evidence, not because of it. more

Researchers: No one single cause for Cambrian explosion

But what’s going to happen if they discover that 49 improbable causes were working in concert? Are they allowed to go there? more

That Cambrian rabbit takes a bow, and offers his audience an irrefutability package

Now, once the idea becomes accepted that evolution can just happen 1000 times as fast, a number of other conundrums will easily be solved too. ;) more

Adelaide researchers claim to have resolved Darwin’s dilemma re the Cambrian

Nice try. An interesting facet is the intrusion of a note about “opponents of evolution” into the discussion. That is, one guesses, in part a way of sidelining people who are just plain dubious by slyly implying that they must be “opponents of evolution.” more

That unfalsifiable Cambrian rabbit, and sanity …

Further to “Top psychology mag asks if creationists are sane ,” some Darwinians don’t actually believe that finding a fossil rabbit from half a billion years ago would damage their theory. It is held without regard to evidence. more

U of T’s Larry Moran sort of reviews Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt

After saying he has read but won’t review it, he keeps coming back to the subject. One might say he “attackviews” it instead. Or something. more

Darwin’s Doubt – the vid

Top people not known for fronting intelligent design think you should read it. But if it’s late and you’re tired … more

David Warren finds the tone of Steve Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt “wearying”

Warren: This new book shows the impossibility of that “Cambrian explosion” – in which an astounding variety of incredibly sophisticated “body plans,” including apparent precursors of all we know today, emerged during a singularly quick snip of geological time, all over the planet, starting around 525 million years ago. more

Progress notes: Larry Moran won’t noview Steve Meyer’s book …

Well, that’s an improvement on the practice of others, for sure. That is, he has read it but won’t review it, rather than reviewing what he hasn’t read (a practice we here call noviewing). more

Hopeless Matzke

From the Evolution News and Views: Hopless Matzke. more

Dawn of carnivores explains animal boom in distant past?

Interesting how interpreting the history of life through Darwin’s lenses means a constant search for the one accidental change that made a huge difference. more

Cambrian monster Hallucigenia had relatives, surviving kinfolk?

So they never really died out, or not exactly. Oh well, they are small. We are big. And we have coffee. more

No guff, the organization Christians in science should join

Well, okay, CSS is not as cool as strummin’ Darwin’s guitar, but who knows, it might catch on among lab rats. Those people spend their Saturday nights padding around labs in sneakers anyway. more

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