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Fossilized embryos from over half a billion years ago (Cambrian era)

Researcher: While studying the fossils we collected, we found over 140 spherically shaped fossils… essentially frozen in time. more

Cambrian animals had modern hearts

That’s half a billion years the “sophisticated system” did NOT have to just evolve, via natural selection acting on random mutation. So when did it happen? more

Giant Cambrian shrimp (520 mya) making waves, turns out to NOT be predator

Researchers: Cambrian pelagic ecosystems seem to have been more modern than previously believed. more

The origin of complex life as a mining operation: Rob Sheldon’s thought experiment

But wait, glaciers grind down mountains and dump the tailings in the ocean–a perfect mining operation. And I thought ice ages were a waste of time. more

Intelligent design vs. Darwinism turns on the centrality of information

A friend writes to say that, listening to the Steve Meyer vs. Charles Marshall radio debate, he sensed that the message regarding the centrality of “information” to the history of life is starting get across. more

Can information theory help us understand the Cambrian explosion?

Tyler writes, Shannon’s theory of information (when applied to the animal genome) has the merit of mathematical rigour, but Meyer shows that this approach gives insight only into a sequence’s capacity to carry information. Whether the sequence is functional is undetermined more

Software mogul calls technology growth a “Cambrian explosion”

What’s interesting in the context is simply that he assumes that readers will know what he means by the term. Culturally, that’s important. more

Why life remained just slime for a billion years: Turns out low oxygen WAS to blame after all (?)

Whatever, but anyway, add “trace metals” to attempts to account for the Cambrian explosion. more

Early paleontologists underestimated the strangeness of the Cambrian creatures

And, given that brand new creatures have just been identified, it could get stranger still. And Darwin’s Doubt still #1 in Paleo, plus links to other denialist non-facts more

New Burgess Shale find: Maybe the Cambrian (discovery) Era is just beginning

New life forms that challenge prevailing ideas could in fact be right under our noses in what we think are pretty well tapped out areas. And ones we think must have been dominant may not have been. more

New big fossil find in Canada’s Burgess Shale area features internal organs

Any guesses what the internal organs will show? Will they be the same as or different from typical representatives of the phyla today? more

Transition to land remake: Now starring … the trilobite

Maybe there never WAS a Great Land Grab. As the seas grew hostile or just crowded up, various marine life forms poked at the land at various times. Success meant meeting the air supply challenge somehow. Period. more

Volcano eruptions claimed as driving force for Cambrian animal evolution

Volcanic activity has not usually been considered so benign, and just what specific questions warm temperatures in the Cambrian shed light on remain unclear. more

David Berlinski calls Steve Meyer’s book “impressive,” not “definitive”

and explains why cladistic analysis doesn’t solve the Cambrian mystery. more

Cambrian explosion: Those gaps, they just keep getting filled in, right?

Okay, so the gaps aren’t getting filled in. The most likely reason now is that the gaps don’t exist. Which just mean that the history of evolution, whatever it is, is not Darwinian. more

ENV’s Top Three (of the Top Ten) evolution stories of 2013

Prediction: Darwin’s followers will now run out to double down on the colossal threat to “science” posed by a clear exposition of the issues the Cambrian period presents. We can watch this play out in formula science news writing, museum guide patter, and tax-funded textbook schlock. more

Why I’m calling Darwin’s Doubt the news event of 2013

As I said at the time, if we are all even having this conversation about the entrails of the publishing business, the fact that Darwin’s Doubt is more widely read than Darwin’s sect would like it to be is pretty much what we need to know. more

Darwin’s Doubt: “I would love it if there was no controversy”

Makes reader “feel the wonder of science again I felt as a kid.” more

Apparently, some people are reading Steve Meyer’s book, Darwin’s Doubt, on the Cambrian explosion…

… just not some of the reviewers, or so it seemed more

Listener’s guide to Meyer–Marshall debate

By the way, don’t expect any of it to change the minds of Darwin’s followers; their minds don’t change, they just retire on the job. The real forces that bring about evolution are still to be found, and the quest seems now to be anyone’s but theirs. more

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