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Climate scientists should ramp up the rhetoric to sway public opinion – science writer

Something is missing from this picture. Going bad didn’t make the science stars good; it just didn’t stop them from winning. more

Nothing to see here? New book might change that – Peter Woit

“While the argument between Krauss, Albert and their fellow combatants was mind-numbingly dumb, boring, narrow, petty and ill-mannered, Holt’s discussion of the topic is brilliant, … ” more

Geek CEO likes Dembski and Colson’s Design Revolution

“Intelligent Design attempts to understand the evidence for intelligence in the natural world. The nature and, in particular, the moral characteristics of that intelligence constitute a separate inquiry.” more

Whale evolution time frame too narrow for a Darwinian process …

“… multiple feats of anatomical novelty, innovative engineering and genetic rewiring necessary … ” more

Moran’s history of the Darwin vs. design culture wars mostly leaves OUT both ASA and ID?

“entirely absent from Moran’s book, as are, for another example, many of the lead players in the Intelligent Design movement … ” more

Textbook wars: The fact that something evolved does not mean that Darwinism caused it

By the way, an equally interesting example is the praying mantis that looks like dropped petals. more

The Darwin Economy: The frightening mind of the technocrat

“Frank’s conflation of human and animal behaviour leads directly to his implicit denigration of politics.” more

New ID-friendly book released in Germany

Authors include Reinhard Junker, a prominent German ID-friendly biologist. more

Religion and warfare: John “End of Science” Horgan’s view

“Richard Dawkins, for example, would be very happy to say that religion is the cause of evil and violence in the world, but that claim doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny.” more

Why we shall have to wait for a real biography of Stephen Hawking

“Perhaps he really is just a permanently upbeat and sunny chap. On the other hand, …” that’s highly unlikely. more

Books you were waiting to buy on Kindle

Check prices. Wow! Not clear why this didn’t happen before. more

David Tyler: John Lennox has some hard questions for Stephen Hawking …

“Science is a rational activity, as is also philosophy and theology. Lennox finds a link between all three disciplines.” more

Jacques Barzun: “Once the word ‘selection’ was used, no other course was possible, than that of personifying Nature”

“The same injection of a selecting mind into natural affairs led to picturing animals as constantly at each other’s throats.” more

New edition of Darwin’s banished co-theorist Wallace’s work contains previously unavailable essay

The only extant copy of the essay was held by Edinburgh University Library, as part of Wallace’s original personal library, and a transcript was prepared from a scan, for publication. more

New scholarly neuroscience books question simple materialist theories of mind

He introduces us to two thoughtful new books questioning the deafening quackery. more

What if the mind is the TV station and the brain is the set?

If people don’t like the show, it goes off the air If someone throws a brick through the screen … more

Groothuis: “ Darwinism is terribly overrated scientifically. ”

This is all useful for Christians to keep in mind when we hear Christian Darwinists claim we can be just as good Christians if we believe what Darwin believed about life. more

John Gray doesn’t think much of evolutionary psychologist Steve Pinker’s “better angels”

“Evolutionary psychology is in its infancy, and much of what passes for knowledge in the subject is not much more than speculation—or worse” more

Anyone remember this guy at conferences? Maybe he remembers you …

“The book is partly a memoir of my experiences at various creationist conferences, … ” more

Michael Shermer of Skeptic magazine vs. “turtles all the way down . . .”

UD’s resident journalist, Mrs Denise O’Leary, notes on how Mr Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine and Scientific American (etc.) has written on his new book, The Believing Brain: Why Science Is the Only Way Out of Belief-Dependent Realism: . . . skepticism is a sine qua non of science, the only escape we have from […] more

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