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Reviewer: Fashionable atheism has not made many inroads

Atlantic associate editor Emma Green’s review offers many useful statistics illustrating her point. more

Geneticist Todd Wood offers an apology

He is disappointed in Tim Stafford’s collection of short biographies of Christians who differ on the creation/evolution question. Presumably, during their courthouse conversation, Wood will ask Darrel Falk what HE thinks of the book. more

People’s Choice Awards: Our most read stories June 2013

Based on experience, had there been any way of suppressing Darwin’s Doubt, Darwin’s followers would certainly have employed it. more

ENV’s Top Three (of the Top Ten) evolution stories of 2013

Prediction: Darwin’s followers will now run out to double down on the colossal threat to “science” posed by a clear exposition of the issues the Cambrian period presents. We can watch this play out in formula science news writing, museum guide patter, and tax-funded textbook schlock. more

Why I’m calling Darwin’s Doubt the news event of 2013

As I said at the time, if we are all even having this conversation about the entrails of the publishing business, the fact that Darwin’s Doubt is more widely read than Darwin’s sect would like it to be is pretty much what we need to know. more

More lists for best new science books of 2013

Is it true that investing in basic science is the only thing that has ever driven economic growth on a large scale? more

“Dawkins believes what he wishes to believe”

Richard Dawkins’ autobiography has been reviewed in the London Spectator: The reviewer’s verdict? “He relies just as much on a leap of faith as those religious believers he so keenly affects to despise. His theory also cannot explain how those selfish genes eventually came to evolve the one species on earth which is marked out […] more

Another neurosocience book you probably don’t need

Question: What if we took the words “evolved to” out of the sentence and replaced it with “is able to”? more

Book reviewer wonders: How could Newton have been a scientist and a theist?

Why have organizations like American Scientific Affiliation (self-described Christians in science) so miserably failed that it is taken for granted that this is even a problem. more

David Warren finds the tone of Steve Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt “wearying”

Warren: This new book shows the impossibility of that “Cambrian explosion” – in which an astounding variety of incredibly sophisticated “body plans,” including apparent precursors of all we know today, emerged during a singularly quick snip of geological time, all over the planet, starting around 525 million years ago. more

Atheist philosopher Thomas Nagel’s anti-Darwin book “can’t be ignored by the thinking public”

Meanwhile, in Darwin’s corner, there is now an English prof somewhere who was traumatized by growing up in a “Creationist household” (along with a growing army of accusers and litigants?) more

Richard Dawkins’ forthcoming book: Makes you wonder …

His forthcoming book is marketed on the basis of something he stopped doing five years ago, after which he has mostly promoted atheism, not science. more

Deleting Darwinism by defining it out of existence.

It works. Hey, who needs a science theory? A thug force is harder to confute. more

Kindle: Get Keith Thomson’s Fossils: A Very Short Introduction for $1.99

Apparently, one can be notified when prices drop. more

Thomas Nagel on John Gray: The atheist Darwin doubter reviews a book by the atheist who thinks secular humanism is dead

I hope to see more of this before the New York Times closes its doors for good. more

ID friendly tech guru George Gilder on his “information theory of capitalism”

“And essentially what I do is take Claude Shannon’s theory and apply it not to transmission of information across wires and across the electromagnetic spectrum and wireless devices, but across the world, entrepreneurial ideas” more

Times Literary Supplement reviewer, trashing C.S. Lewis, mentions in passing that, by the way naturalism is dead

What’s remarkable is the way this sophisticate just tosses that off, as if all the “in” people now know. more

New book: The left’s stealth war to redefine science

“That partisanship has brought with it a willingness to discard science that refutes pet ideological causes appealing to the left. ” more

Does the Constructal Law Give Evidence of Design?

In Bejan’s “Design in Nature”, Bejan promotes what he calls the “constructal law,” which states, “For a finite-size system to persist in time (to live), it must evolve in such a way that it provides easier access to the imposed currents that flow through it.” Bejan has denied that this relates at all to any […] more

First chapter of evolutionary biology text free for download on iPad app.

“Science writer Carl Zimmer and evolutionary biologist Douglas Emlen have teamed up to write a textbook intended for biology majors that will inspire students” more

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