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Guy says he could almost believe Darwin’s followers …

but for this. more

ID Foundations, 22: What about evolutionary trees of descent and homologies? (An answer to Jaceli123′s presentation of a typical icon of evolution . . . )

As has been noted, sometimes people come to UD looking for answers to questions about what they have been taught regarding “Evolution”; typically in the context of indoctrination under the Lewontinian ideological a priori materialism that he outlined thusly in his infamous 1997 NYRB article: [T]he problem is to get [the general public] to reject […] more

How little we know about T Rex!

Nature on iconic dinosaur: Even the basic appearance of T. rex is in dispute. more

Too much biology to fit in the data pockets?

That’s what some experts say: more

Fri nite frite II: Atheist apocalypses and unbeliever unbelievables

Not necessarily impossible. more

PZ Myers Criticizes Steven Pinker’s Scientism – Pot and Kettle?

On August 6th, Steven Pinker, the well-known Psychology Professor from Harvard, had an article in New Republic entitled Science is Not Your Enemy, in which he lambasts those who decry scientists for propounding scientism.  You’d expect rebuttals of Pinker to come from the likes of Wesley J. Smith who indeed took Pinker to task in […] more

Giant viruses cast doubt on a common ancestor of all life forms

And suggest quite the opposite pattern. more

Science budget increase, with strings attached … implications for ID?

A layperson wonders whether the U.S. government intends to do to the life sciences what it did to NASA, in assigning to that agency such responsibilities as reaching out to Muslims and addressing climate change. more

Open Mike: Cornell OBI Conference—Is a new definition of information needed for biology?

“Unfortunately, all of these traditional definitions lack aspects that even non-specialists recognize as being essential attributes of information.” more

Calling Nick Matzke’s Bluff

In the comments of this UD post from yesterday, (comment #21) I referred to Nick Matzke’s rant over at the Panda’s Thumb yesterday as yet another illustration of the double standard’s Matzke’s has when it comes to his critiques of anyone who dares challenge Darwinian Orthodoxy.  In my comments yesterday, I gave an example of […] more

The Contempt of PZ Myers

Our old friend PZ Myers holds school boards in utter contempt. In a recent blog post at his widely followed Pharyngula blog site, he takes contemptuous pot shots at the Springboro, OH School Board for having the audacity to even consider a “critical thinking” policy in the curriculum. The Springboro Community City School District is […] more

Evolution, Intelligent Design and Extraordinary Claims – Part III

This my third installment of a discussion I began here and continued here on the validity of the claim that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, or what I call the EC-EE claim. In the first installment we looked at the EC-EE claim itself and asked whether the EC-EE claim is an example of an EC-EE […] more

Naturalism, Intelligent Design and Extraordinary Claims

The late Carl Sagan is credited with popularizing the phrase “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. (hereinafter this will be referred to as the “EC-EE” claim) While the phrase has become the skeptic’s mantra, its original roots probably trace back to the French mathematician and astronomer Pierre –Simon LaPlace (1749-1827) who once wrote: “the weight of […] more

Darwin-doubting mathematician David Berlinski on why math IS really important

… contrary to what Darwinian evolutionary theorist E. O. Wilson thinks. more

Not only is there no scientific method, but biology does not need math – says prominent evolutionary biologist

If Wilson is right, current evolution theory has nothing to do with basic concepts like math. The popular TV talk shows will give you a much better idea of what you need to know. more

Theology According to P.Z. Myers

Over on The Panda’s Thumb blog, Darwinian apologist P.Z. Myers recently posted a pejorative laden critique of a review article by Casey Luskin. Luskin was responding to a recent New York Times article on a study purporting to show how certain genes in fish might hold an important clue on how fins turned to feet. […] more in a Dither Over non-Repeal of LSEA is all upset that repeal of the Louisiana Science Education Act of 2008 was was rejected yet again in a 3-2 vote in the State Senate. 19 year old Rice University Student Zack Kopplin has been leading the charge to get this “outrage” done away with once and for all, with help from the […] more

Why on Earth would a layman accept Darwinistic claims?

First, by “Darwinistic” I mean “atheistic-materialist neo-Darwinist”, which includes the view that even the origin of life can be explained by reference to chance and natural law. As Alan Fox points out, many of those here are “laymen” when it comes to evolutionary biology.  Most of us are not specifically schooled or trained in that […] more

Debating Darwin and Design: A Dialogue Between Two Christians

A couple of months ago, I agreed to take part in a written debate with a good friend of mine, Francis Smallwood. Francis, like me, is a commited Christian. Unlike me though, he is also a neo-Darwinist. On his blog Musings Of A Scientific Nature he writes on many different scientific issues, although his primary […] more

More math actually reduces biology papers’ impact

” … receiving 28% fewer citations overall for each additional equation per page in the main text.” more

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