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Dawkins mutation in the mind music video: “this is your brain on bad acid”

In the video, Dawkins gets his head split open and then all we see are his brains and eyeballs, then they multiply…. at the end he says, “as for me, I’d rather spread memes than genes anyway.” We then see him tooting his own horn while a dinosaur swallows a shark. The video that Richard […] more

Audio: Would Thomas Jefferson have wanted design theory taught in school?

Actually, as a deist, Jefferson would likely have got along great with the later Antony Flew. more

Is Richard Dawkins truly an “embarrassment” to new atheism? Or an accurate representation?

Dawkins’ ignorance illustrates the new atheists’ growing cultural power. The message is clear: Accountability is for losers. more

Podcasts on the intelligent design controversy

Key ID figures measure the impact of the Discovery Institute. Also, Steve Meyer on new developments in the UK. more

Probing the mysteries of psychopathy

“A Psychopath Walks Into A Room. Can You Tell? (NPR May21, 2011) Arresting title, that, for an interesting proposition: “Robert Hare, the eminent Canadian psychologist who invented the psychopath checklist, … recently announced that you’re four times more likely to find a psychopath at the top of the corporate ladder than you are walking around in […] more

Audio/Video: Chemical origins of life conference audio now free for download, plus …

Courtesy Britain’s Royal Society. A friend notes that three Nobel Prize winners were among the speakers: more