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For the Easter Weekend, 2014 . . .

Here. (HT: VJT, also, Charles Babbage.) Video: embedded by Embedded Videovimeo Direkt more

Fri Nite Frite: Brain Transplant!!

You wake up after what you thought was minor surgery and … … it’s not just that it doesn’t feel like your body, it actually isn’t. Oops. Bureaucratic oversight at the hospital. They say it never happens. Okay, well, sometimes. Actually, it seems there is an investigation going on but … oh, get over yourself! … […] more

On babies, bathwater, matters ontological and Plantinga . . .

I think that sometimes, it helps to pull back a bit and reflect on the meta . . . philosophical . . . issues connected to design, mind, being, cause and effect, what it would mean to be a necessary being, etc. I have also been thinking in that context, that the modern, modal ontological […] more

Dr Tour’s comment on no scientist understanding “macroevolution” seems to be going viral . . .

I just checked the most popular tables and saw how VJT’s UD James Tour article got 30,000 or so hits within a few days. Why? Reddit and Facebook etc atheists are suddenly screaming (and don’t seem to know that Dr Tour DID meet with someone for private discussion and . . . by implication, has […] more

Life intelligently lived: Getting past the “solutions” to enduring problems

It is not in the nature of human beings to be content with what would make an animal happy. One outcome is that all happiness marketed to us is an illusion.

Is origin of the universe an “arcane matter”?

Atheist philosopher asks, it’s one thing to argue that the universe must be the product of some kind of intelligent agent; it’s quite something else to argue that this designer was all-knowing and omnipotent. Why is that a better hypothesis than that the designer was pretty smart but made a few mistakes? more

Movie starring Richard Dawkins bombs at box office

This was such a non-news item at the time because the movie bombed so badly most didn’t even realize there was a movie. It hit theaters November 29, 2013. ‘The Unbelievers,’ With Richard Dawkins Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss on a triple-continent series of public engagements, Gus Holwerda’s unforgivably superficial documentary is too busy drooling […] more

Dawkins now convinced even if he saw a miracle, he wouldn’t believe in God

The section of interest starts at 12:30 where Dawkins is asked, “what would it take to make you believe in God.” Short answer by Dawkins, “nothing”. He presumes if he saw a miracle it would be a hallucination or technologically advanced aliens. This is a change from his previous claim that his mind could be […] more

Does intelligent design theory oppose atheism as such?

No. Here’s one way of looking at it: Philosophy begins when a man chooses to take seriously the fact that he is not a pig. more

Two of the four horsemen of the new atheist Apocalypse clash over free will

Yes, it is true. The death of free will is the death of righteousness. For the typical new atheist, that spells the death of self-righteousness when attacking others. more

My take on the Nye-Ham Debate (and its wider context)

I have felt it useful to blog on the Nye-Ham debate at my personal blog, here. I trust the thoughts there will be helpful for onward discussion. My conclusion, in light of say the life and career of this notorious Creationist  ignoramus, and blundering incompetent at scientific fields . . . NOT: . . . […] more

Paper on new atheist movement turns out NOT to be press release. New atheist elite real mad.

On the evidence, Pigliucci’s right, of course. Most of the backlash against scientism recently has been coming from secular sources. more

Atheists, God is okay, but not design in nature

Hart strikes me as someone who is hostile to ID because it addresses modern, not ancient ideas. Information realism vs. materialism, for example. more

Atheism and the Church of Wonderful Nothingness

Nicholas Frankovich has written an excellent essay for the National Review Online, titled, Do Atheists Exist? A new “godless” church makes you wonder. Frankovich’s article is outstanding for its depth and maturity of thought, and I would highly recommend it to readers of Uncommon Descent. He begins his piece with a description of an atheist […] more

Successful physicist (and Wall Streeter) explains how he stopped being an atheist

Anyone familiar with down-and-outers will recognize the scenes he describes. Because—contrary to what many materialists claim—desperation brings out the animal in some but the stifled saint in others. more

“Who de cap fit, let ‘im wear it . . . ” — a (preliminary) collection of seen-in-the-wild Darwinist fever swamp fallacies

I am thinking it is time we began a collection of Darwinist fever swamp fallacies found in the wild. (Make sure to get your Malaria shot before going there . . . ) After the now standard “your’e a quote miner” false accusation and the “it’s a Gish galloper” smear of a man not present […] more

WJM gives us a “typical” conversation between an ID supporter and an objector . . .

On Christmas Day, WJM put the following hypothetical conversation in a comment. Since he has not headlined it himself, as promised yesterday, I now do so: Typical debate with an anti-ID advocate: ID advocate: There are certain things that exist that are best explained by intelligent design. Anti-ID advocate: Whoa! Hold up there, fella. “Explained”, […] more

ID Foundations, 21: MF — “as a materialist I believe intelligence to be a blend of the determined and random so for me that is not a third type of explanation” . . . a root worldview assumption based cause for rejecting the design inference emerges into plain view

In the OK thread, in comment 50, ID objector Mark Frank has finally laid out the root of ever so many of the objections to the design inference filter. Unsurprisingly, it is a worldview based controlling a priori of materialism: [re EA] #38 [MF, in 50:] I see “chance” as usually meaning to “unpredictable” or […] more

Coyne et al cheer on censorship — it is time to take notice . . .

Yesterday, UD News  headlined a case of radical secularist censorship in Los Angeles being cheered on by Jerry Coyne et al. The case concerns the removal of the following sign (shown under fair use) that was formerly present at a Museum of Natural History in that city: Notice, what Coyne says in exultation over the […] more

Postdoctoral fellow wanted, to study new atheism

New atheists figure largely among Darwin’s followers; maybe someone who reads Uncommon Descent might be interested and qualify. more

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