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Irreducible complexity develops spontaneously?

Calvin College prof presented his model at the recent ASA meet. more

That’s the Way, ASA!

Reposted with permission from AITSE Report on the 2012 American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) Annual Meeting  About a year ago AITSE and Uncommon Descent featured an article that, between it and the follow-on posts, attracted 3773 hits and 182 comments. Why this high level of interest? Simply because the article pointed out that some of what happened at the […] more

Moran’s history of the Darwin vs. design culture wars mostly leaves OUT both ASA and ID?

“entirely absent from Moran’s book, as are, for another example, many of the lead players in the Intelligent Design movement … ” more

Caroline Crocker responds to Darwin lobby accusations, Part II

When speakers at Christian groups who say that they are open to honest discussion demean those with whom they disagree, I object. more

Has the American Scientific Affiliation Forgotten Their Stated Identity?

Our vision is to promote good science, based on impartial evaluation of evidence, not mere consensus. more

Take American Scientific Affiliation’s survey: Who knows, you could be a Christian atheist!

Take American Scientific Affiliation’s survey: Who knows, you could be a Christian atheist! more

ASA members tackle Adam and Eve

One interesting result of the ASA survey noted below was the great division of the membership on Adam and Eve. There are small minorities offering every view from “Adam and Eve had no contemporaries, and were the biological ancestors of all humans, living in Mesopotamia around 10,000 years ago.” (5.8%) through to “There were no […] more

American Scientific Affiliation: Some extinctions may be just as well

 I remember seeing the cover of a book by Stephen Jay Gould, lamenting the decline of species of snails* somewhere, with the species illustrated. I couldn’t tell the difference between them for beans, and that’s quite different from not being able to tell the difference between a dog and a cat – though it is […] more

The American Theistic-evolution Association

Thirty years ago, I matriculated from Wheaton College, a “fundamentalist” school 25 miles west of Chicago. Well, actually the faculty and student body never called it fundamentalist, that’s what the big TV station called us whenever they did their “local news specials”, and waited for the opening prayer at mandatory chapel to pan the audience […] more