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One experimental ARN/ISCID-like forum, and 2 new experimental creationist blogs

There have been some developments that have finally precipitated my decision to start 1 experimental forum and 2 experimental creationist blogs. The most important catalyst for my decision being I got invitation to make presentations to university students for which they can get homework credits for attending, and I needed an internet presence to supplement […] more

UD under cyber attack?

A lot of premier discussions at UD recently do not bring up google hits, but other sites which reference discussions at UD come up on google. This seems odd and deliberate. I cannot say for sure but this seems suspicious. A comment by fryether (still trapped in the moderation queue, which I have no authority […] more

Attention UD Authors regarding UD software and the News Desk

I’ve discovered some features of UD software that I wasn’t aware of and may be of help to all the 30 or so UD authors. It has been a pleasure to assist the News desk for the past week while Denyse worked on another project. I now appreciate how time consuming the task is. In […] more

UD News away till October 30

Needing to finish up a manuscript for Christian Darwinism (Broadman and Holman, 2014), a book co-authored with Bill Dembski … more

Service announcement re weird stuff happening: Server upgrade at Uncommon Descent

We just had more traffic than server. So starting yesterday, we upgraded. more

New Look Coming Soon to Uncommon Descent

Tomorrow (Sunday), I will be implementing a new look to the Uncommon Descent website. This will not be an instantaneous process, so there may be a period of time when the site appearance is incomplete. We appreciate your patience in this process. more

VJ Torley Asked Me to Post This: “Mathgrrl is Innocent”

In a previous post, I misidentified Mathgrrl with another anonymous contributor to Uncommon Descent, and accused Mathgrrl of making uncivil and ungentlemanly remarks on a certain evolution forum. It now turns out that this identification was incorrect. I would like to apologize to Mathgrrl. more

Interest in Intelligent Design is Strong

Unique Addresses

We thought the readers here might be interested in knowing a little bit about how much interest is out there for ID.  One gauge of that is UD’s traffic.  August traffic is at a high for the year with 31,000 more visits than the previous 7-month average (see graph). What is also of interest is […] more

Dr. Michael Behe’s New Blog on Uncommon Descent

With the new technical enhancements behind the scenes on Uncommon Descent, we are now able to add individual blogs.  That said, we are happy to announce that the first individual blog we have added is that of Dr. Michael Behe.  All of his previous posts from his Amazon blog have been imported to his UD […] more

Change at UD

As of tomorrow (Friday, November 14th), Barry Arrington assumes the leadership of UD. After more than three years at the helm, I’m finally stepping down. I expect I’ll still be posting here occasionally, but my energies will go more and more into technical ID research. Robert Marks and I continue to crank away at papers […] more

Presidential Politics on Uncommon Descent

Many of you are wondering why the UD adminstration decided to take an aggressive stand promoting the McCain/Palin presidential ticket. There are two reasons. The first is that both Senator McCain and Governor Palin are on record supporting “teach the controversy”. Senator Obama is on the record against it. Our goal is not to vanquish […] more

Adminstrative: Spam Filter Acting Up

The Akisment spam filter is acting up and holding up a lot of comments it shouldn’t be blocking. If your comment doesn’t appear right away where in the past it had then it’s the spam filter. Every single one of my comments are being held up in it. So are about a dozen other members’ […] more

What happened to “Colson Praises PETA”?

I deleted this thread because I found the comments offensive. Let’s keep postings and comments germane to ID. Addendum by DaveScot: For the same reason I deleted the “Sterling Example of Anti-Religionists” thread due to many complaints that it was offensive. I want to extend my apologies for my own vulgar contributions that many found […] more

Posting Too Quickly Error Message

I put a fix into the WordPress program code for this problem. Please let me know here if it’s still a problem for anyone. more

Uncommonly Good New Look to Uncommon Descent

Kudos to whoever is responsible for the new look of Uncommon Descent! I know that you guys put a lot of work into maintaining this site and I’m sure that this new look will make the site even easier to navigate. The Scubaredneck more

UD up again

Our webmaster was working with the server people to fix the 404 error that’s been coming up lately. Unfortunately, that temporarily deleted all our posts back to mid-July. We’re back up and running. –WmAD more

[Administrative] Akismet Spam Filter Getting Wonky

If anyone whose comments have been showing up right away after submission is finding them being delayed or never showing up at all it’s probably because the third party service we use to keep spam (unwanted advertisements) out of the commentary is unpredictably flagging a lot of legitimate comments as spam. If it’s any consolation […] more

February Another Record Month for Uncommon Descent!

It’s hard to see in the graphs below because these are totals and February was a short month but the daily average number of unique visitors increased from the January all-time record of 5828 to 6430 in February which is a 10% increase. Interestingly, the total number of unique sites jumped dramatically from 39217 to […] more

Welcome to the new UD!

Kevin Wang and Peter Wagenet at ZeitStudios devoted their time and talents to revamping the Uncommon Descent blogsite. What an improvement it is! All of us who are part of UD are in their debt. As with all such upgrades, there are bound to be kinks that need to be ironed out. Please use this […] more

New UD Layout – Something Not Right? Tell Us Here

If something isn’t working right in the new layout with your browser, tell us here. Please include some information about your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux) and broswer (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape) and anything else you think might be relevant in duplicating the problem. Thanks. more

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