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So Many Christians, So Few Lions

This from the compassionate, inclusive, tolerant, atheist community.

Get yours while there’s still some left!

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4 Responses to So Many Christians, So Few Lions

  1. “”How is it conceivable that the laws of physics should conspire together — without guidance, without direction, without any intelligence — to bring us in to the world,” Dawkins told the crowd. “… It’s almost too good to be true.”

    The bolded part certainly describes the Reason Rally.

  2. How does anything at all conspire, without any intelligence, indeed.

    No wonder Dawkins is baffled.

    Or is an idiot.

  3. Don’t we always hear that atheists don’t need God to be good? That they can be good moral persons without a moral code from a Creator?

    Hmm. I guess their definition of a good moral person doesn’t quite fit God’s definition.

    They show with their own words that they are incapable of love. OR at least, they only “love” their own.

    Imagine what the world would be like if we all embraced atheism! What a love-filled world it would be!

  4. We could just pass a law requiring people to love one another.

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