Complex life may only be even possible in 10 percent of galaxies?

Milky Way centre may be least likely area to host life, but is usual research quest.

New User Feature at UD

You will now have 20 minutes in which to edit your comments. We hope this makes our user interface more friendly.

HeKS continues to suggest a way forward on the KS “bomb” argument

Last week, one of my comments relating to the KS “bomb” argument was made the subject of an OP, which can be found here. In that comment, I had offered a few preliminary thoughts on Keith’s argument (originally found here, and summarized by him here) and asked a few questions to better understand the assumptions informing […]

There’s a gene for that…or is there?

In the real world of careful analysis, scientists are just not finding the “genes” that the headline writers need.

On “Specified Complexity,” Orgel and Dembski

Bill Dembski often uses the term “specified complexity” to denote a characteristic of patterns that are best explained by the act of an intelligent designer. He defines the term as follows: What is specified complexity? An object, event, or structure exhibits specified complexity if it is both complex (i.e., one of many live possibilities) and […]

Officially printed responses to that Nature “rethink evolution” article

If you want to shell out for these opinions, expanded, it’s your card, not ours.

Challenges to Darwin’s maths

The computational capacity of the universe suggests an upper bound to the number of transformational steps available for any theory of origins.

Darwin’s friends go after natural genetic engineering guy

Be grateful if they do not yet have the ear of the regime.

Fun from Facebook: Fake ID pages

People would not engage in these antics if they thought they could compete in an open forum.

Science owes nothing to Darwinism – Jonathan Wells

Jonathan Wells discusses the scientific status of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

God, Immanuel Kant, Richard Dawkins, and the Quantum – Antoine Suarez

Suarez: Quantum experiments refute Immanuel Kant’s objection to the proofs of God’s existence?

ID-friendly atheist U Colorado prof Bradley Monton resigns

Monton: I’ve been unhappy with the administration’s recent treatment of me and others in the philosophy department

Guess what? Humans don’t have free will but maybe rats do

This is not, of course, a harmless trend. Free will exists, it turns out, only if it doesn’t matter.

Further to the never-ending story of Darwin downhill—E. O. Wilson’s new book

Wilson is a guy who wants to give half the planet to wild animals. And we are supposed to look up to him. For sure, it won’t be the Beltway cocktail set’s half.

They didn’t shut this down at the University of Toronto

A long way from Amarillo, it seems

“Dawkins” joke on comic Web site spreads cultural familiarity with terms

The comedian probably wouldn’t understand an accurate statement. But he familiarizes people with the terms, and that always helps.

No wonder they ran out of pom poms. Everyone wants to be a “science writer”

And maybe Jonah Lehrer just shook the pom poms a bit too wildly?

Paul Nelson: ID in Brazil

Brazilians, if you want the freedom to consider evidence rather than ideology, you probably must fight to keep it.

Studying time’s arrow with philosophers

Studying with philosophers is “like being caught coming out of a pornographic cinema” – multiverse advocate Tegmark

Darwinian Debating Device # 18: “Me or Your Lying Eyes”

The chutzpah Darwinists sometimes bring to the table is often breathtaking. This tactic is based on the old saw about the wife who catches her husband in flagrante delicto with another woman and the following exchange ensues: Wife: “How could you?” Husband: “How could I what?” Wife: “Be in bed with another woman of course!” […]

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