What would ISIS, or a similar group, do with Neanderthal remains?

Further to: Darwin trolls: Meet a genuinely anti-science group… (The (Islamist) authors of the document also urged women to refrain from “exploring science”): Here’s real anti-science, if anyone is interested: From Reuters: Islamic State fighters have looted and bulldozed the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, the Iraqi government said, in their latest assault on some […]

Have we almost just created life in the lab?

Further to Eric Anderson’s “Scientists Create Methane-Based Life: Science Reporting Stoops to a New Low, From ScienceDaily: NASA Ames reproduces the building blocks of life in laboratory “We have demonstrated for the first time that we can make uracil, cytosine, and thymine, all three components of RNA and DNA, non-biologically in a laboratory under conditions […]

Recent fossil find a “Cambrian explosion” for humans?

Further to Oldest human fossil found, 400k years “earlier than previously thought,” neuroscientist David A. DeWitt writes to say, That is a real problem since it means that humans overlapped with australopithcines including especially sediba which is a mere 2 million years old. Humans dated 2.8 million years ago? Sophisticated tools used by H. erectus? […]

John West on treating dissent in science as heresy

From Darwin Day in America (with Afterword): The very issue Holdren was testifying about—climate change—provides a disturbing example of the growing effort to treat scientific dissent as heresy. One of America’s leading daily newspapers, the Los Angeles Times, announced in 2013 it would no longer publish letters to the editor that expressed skepticism about the […]

Robert Marks, answering a facet of the War between Science and [Christian] Religion thesis

Video, well worth watching: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt (–> also cf the audio by John Lennox here. The Worldviews 101 here on may also be of help.) Full presentation (v. fat download). PDF, with notes. Abstract: The New Atheism claims being a scientist and a Christian is like being a vegan butcher. But both […]

Darwin Day leftovers: Dawkins on whether homosexuality is nature’s population control

Here. And plenty of comments here (Not YouTube .) He seems to have managed not to put his foot in it this time, but perhaps he had help. Whether his thesis is relevant or believable is a separate question. News blogging light until later this afternoon. See also: Darwin’s followers are going to have to […]

National Public Radio needs the drama, the science not so much

Further to Media’s methane-based life: No it is NOT just sensationalism, it is cheerleading for a worldview (one that permits, even encourages, fiction to stand in for fact): At Forbes, philosopher of science Henry Miller identifies a similar pattern at National Public Radio, which receives federal funds: Among the most egregious transgressions of fair, professional […]

Darwin’s followers are going to have to limit access to public records

Further to: Darwin event at museum scuttled when some engineers ask for equal time for ID, here is a story from the Albuquerque Journal: Museum plunged into evolution, religion debate Advocates of “intelligent design” say the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science preferred to cancel Darwin Days events rather than provide an opportunity […]

Psychology retractions quadruple since 1989

Here at Retraction Watch: Psychology has been home to some of the most infamous cases of fraud in recent years, and while it’s just a few bad apples who are spoiling the bunch, the field itself has seen an overall increase in retractions, according to a new paper by Jürgen Margraf appearing in Psychologische Rundschau […]

Tortoise tries playing with a dog

Here. Sheldon, an eight year-old sulfate tortoise, and Dolly, a three year-old American Pit Bull Terrier, were both rescued from HSNT and are now best friends! Their owner says they love to play chase like in this video and that Dolly even tries to get Sheldon to play with her favorite ball, though so far […]

Paper: Spontaneous Creation of the Universe From Nothing

Two thousand years ago the Epicureans believed that the world arose spontaneously. Their idea was that randomly veering atoms attained a great variety of configurations by chance, and would eventually find themselves forming stable, functional structures. And while this may seem unlikely, the immense universe provided a great many opportunities for those configurations to come […]

Darwin’s Christians on the Cambrian explosion: The God they worship wouldn’t do it that way!

Readers may vaguely recall: If anyone cares, Biologos (Christians for Darwin) will now actually review Darwin’s Doubt, which shows why the Cambrian explosion can’t be explained by the theory that guides their lives and work. Author Steve Meyer responds to their attempts to defend Darwinian naturalism here: In any case, it is not at all […]

Oldest human fossil found, 400k years “earlier than previously thought”

2.8 million-year-old specimen is 400,000 years older than previous ones. From LiveScience: An ancient jawbone fragment is the oldest human fossil discovered yet, a bone potentially from a new species that reveals the human family may have arose a half million years earlier than previously thought, researchers say. And Michael Cremo is still wrong, right? […]

Darwin trolls: Meet a genuinely anti-science group…

Doubtless a new experience for you. From International Business Times: Women affiliated with members of terror group Islamic State (Isis) have published a manifesto and guide to living as a militant Muslim female. Education for women is okay as long as they stay at home, but “It is considered legitimate for a girl to be […]

The multiverse cosmologists’ war on falsifiability rages on

Here at Science Friday: are excerpts from Brockman’s latest, This Idea Must Die : Seth Lloyd: Suppose that everything that could exist does exist. The multiverse is not a bug but a feature. We have to be careful: The set of everything that could exist belongs to the realm of metaphysics rather than physics. Tegmark […]

A friend wonders if this is part of a long goodbye to science…

From The Netherlands: The professor of media studies, José van Dijck, has been appointed president of the Royal Academy of Sciences, the Academy. Van Dijck follows Hans Clevers on. Van Dyck is a representative of the humanities again headed the association of outstanding scientists. The appointment of the Academy Clevers had previously broken with the […]

The Warfare Thesis in Action: Why Jimmy Kimmel is Important

On July 30 of last year Meredith Prohaska had the misfortunate of having a sore throat. At what would have been a routine visit to the doctor the 12-year-old’s mother was told that Meredith should have an HPV vaccine. By dinnertime Meredith was dead.  Read more

What really scares the new atheists

Atheist philosopher John Gray has written an unflinchingly honest article in the Guardian, titled, What scares the new atheists. It’s an excellent piece, and I warmly recommend it to readers. A few revealing quotes convey the tenor of the article: In fact there are no reliable connections – whether in logic or history – between […]

Media’s methane-based life: No it is not just sensationalism

It is cheerleading for a worldview, one that permits, even encourages, fiction to stand in for fact. In Scientists Create Methane-Based Life: Science Reporting Stoops to a New Low, Eric Anderson recounts a claim for life on Saturnian moon Titan: Researchers have finally developed a new “life form.” And a methane-based one at that. Now […]

String theory has come to be seen as faith, not reason?

Readers may remember science writer Philip Ball, who described the many worlds multiverse as a fantasy, verging on nihilism. At Prospect Magazine, he narrates the string theory showdown: One of the key predictions specific to string theory is that the three dimensions of space (up-down, left-right and front-back, say) and the one dimension of space […]

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