Unbelievable: The tenured academic’s response to faked gay marriage opinion study

Noted by Barry Arrington here. Whitewash duly reported in the New Yorker is In retrospect, Green wishes he had asked for the raw data earlier. And yet, in collaborations in which data is collected at only one institution, it’s not uncommon for the collecting site to anonymize and code it before sharing it. The anonymized […]

Advocacy Science* Piece Retracted

Following up on a story UD News reported earlier, Retraction Watch reports: In what can only be described as a remarkable and swift series of events, one of the authors of a much-ballyhooed Science paper claiming that short conversations could change people’s minds on same-sex marriage is retracting it following revelations that the data were faked by his […]

Is God Really Good?

My new Discovery Institute Press book “In the Beginning and Other Essays on Intelligent Design (2nd edition),” includes an Epilogue entitled “Is God Really Good?” which attempts to deal with the “problem of pain.” Given that one of the primary criticisms of ID is the inaccurate claim that it is just an attempt to dress […]

To All of Those We Mutilated, “Our Bad, But At Least We Weren’t Science Deniers”

In 1921 the Second International Eugenics Congress was held in New York at the American Museum of Natural History.  Leonard Darwin (Charles Darwin’s son) was the keynote speaker, and he used the opportunity to advocate aggressive eugenics programs for the “elimination of the unfit.”  Eugenics had already made some headway in the United States, but […]

Amino Acid Frequency Correlates With the Number of Codons

One of the powerful evidences for evolution is the DNA code, at least according to evolutionists. The DNA code is essentially the same across all of life and, evolutionists explain, there is no reason for such universality. The code is ubiquitous across all life, but it is not special or unique. It is a mundane […]

But isn’t there a contradiction between quantum theory and the mind as meat?

From Nature: The tests being used to work that out are extremely subtle, and have yet to produce a definitive answer. But researchers are optimistic that a resolution is close. If so, they will finally be able to answer questions that have lingered for decades. Can a particle really be in many places at the […]

Senior NASA origin of life scientist on a research thesis that smacks of “creationism”

Readers may remember Suzan Mazur’s interview with a senior NASA scientist: senior NASA origin of life scientist: In a couple of e-mails to me in January 2013, Andrew Pohorille, the senior-most scientist at NASA working in the origin of life field, objected to my story, “The RNA World’s Last Hurrah?”, “The RNA World’s Last Hurrah?”, […]

In case you wondered what difference Darwinism was making to popular culture

Well, here is one: Crap about “Intentional change” = stuff government will probably try to make us do, if it gets votes:  The Evolution Institute says it uses evolutionary science to solve real-world problems. Currently, there is no mechanism for applying current theory and research to public policy formulation. We aim to provide the mechanism. Working […]

Is there really a snakefright gene?

Alternatively, when do we finally get to the end of the Darwin stupid? Humans are supposed to have an “evolutionary” fear of snakes. In large numbers, snakes can seem disgusting. But snakes are rarely present in large numbers. See the vid below for an explanation of a very rare exception to this rule* in Canada. […]

But why are “believers” supposed to need “comfort”?

From John Leslie’s review of Nobelist Steven Weinberg’s new book, To Explain the World: Experience has shown that seeking goodness, purpose, signs of a divine plan, is totally unprofitable Despite fine tuning of the universe? All the same, Weinberg gives a rule for what scientists should avoid. Experience has, he thinks, shown that seeking goodness, […]

Subscribe to New Scientist to find out why matter exists

Maybe don’t? “The Big Bang blip.” Whatever its state of ripeness, that banana is made of particles of matter, just like you: its intrinsic matteryness is why you can see, feel and taste it. What you don’t see is what a banana does 15 times a day or so. Blip! It produces a particle of […]

Should social media be used to evaluate research results?

Further to Notable retractions of possible interest, here’s something interesting from Nature: Potential flaws in genomics paper scrutinized on Twitter Reanalysis of a study that compared gene expression in mice and humans tests social media as a forum for discussing research results. A recent Twitter conversation that cast doubt on the conclusions of a genomics […]

Notable retractions of possible interest

Three items from Retraction Watch: 1. Unhelpful retractions: A group of authors have withdrawn a 2011 Journal of Biological Chemistry paper, but then appear to have re-published almost the same paper a month later, only this time with just five of the original nine authors. … As we’ve come to expect from the JBC, here’s […]

Well, this might be useful: Tackling biases in science

Biases? In science? From Nautilus: Sometimes it seems surprising that science functions at all. In 2005, medical science was shaken by a paper with the provocative title “Why most published research findings are false.”1 Written by John Ioannidis, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, it didn’t actually show that any particular result was wrong. […]

New book on the human idea of “self”

Here, from Stan Persky’s review of Barry Dainton’s Self: Philosophy in Transit: Many well-known and respected philosophers and scientists deny that selves exist in any meaningful way and suggest that our sense of having or being a self is simply an illusion. As Barry Dainton puts it in the book under review, It is worth noting […]

Stone tools now dated to 3.3 million years ago

From ScienceDaily: The discovery is the first evidence that an even earlier group of proto-humans may have had the thinking abilities needed to figure out how to make sharp-edged tools. The stone tools mark “a new beginning to the known archaeological record,” say the authors of a new paper about the discovery, published today in […]

Jerry Coyne: Evolution claims haven’t yielded practical benefits

Truth be told, evolution hasn’t yielded many practical or commercial benefits. Yes, bacteria evolve drug resistance, and yes, we must take countermeasures, but beyond that there is not much to say. Evolution cannot help us predict what new vaccines to manufacture because microbes evolve unpredictably. But hasn’t evolution helped guide animal and plant breeding? Not […]

Humans to keep getting taller? No.

Let’s start our day off right with some nonsense from the BBC The average human height has gone up in industrialised countries ranging from the United Kingdom to the United States to Japan, with gains of up to 10 centimetres. But for height gains over the last 150 years, one nation stands head and shoulders […]

New at MercatorNet Connecting

O’Leary for News’ blog on new media Yes, we need to crack down on cyberbullying But victims must help! STOP being victims! Will your hologram replace you? At home and at work? How the Internet become a haven for tyranny: Disinfect our right to be angry about the loss of the civil liberty to complain about […]

Is mathematics intrinsic to the universe?

Good question to ponder overnight. John Hartnett quotes cosmologist Lee Smolin*: It is true that mathematics is not a human invention, but more of a discovery, and thus has objective existence in that sense. But to declare the magnificent edifice of Mathematics to inhabit an orthogonal dimension that is inaccessible to scientific scrutiny, is a hypothesis […]

Darwin’s US election cycle claptrap

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more fulsome: It is difficult to define a whole school of political ideology precisely, but one may reasonably define liberalism (as opposed to conservatism) in the contemporary United States as the genuine concern for the welfare of genetically unrelated others and the willingness to contribute larger proportions […]

Modern eugenics was, first to last, a Darwinian project

It was puzzling, at best, to hear (last night) commenter REC, try to spin at this post, To All of Those We Mutilated, “Our Bad, But At Least We Weren’t Science Deniers” this idea: Eugenics was not, from first to last, a Darwinian project. Everyone who knows anything about the subject knows that it was […]

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