Did Neanderthals sail to Crete?

Researchers: On Crete, for example, tools such as quartz hand-axes, picks and cleavers are associated with deposits that may date to 170,000 years ago.

Rob Sheldon on who gets credit for science discoveries and insight and why

Sheldon: The name “Alfven” is attributed to things Hannes Alfven knew nothing about–and in his own lifetime, asked why they were named for him.

Debating Darwin and Design: Science or Creationism? (9) Fourth Response

Debating Darwin and Design A dialogue between two Christians 1. Is Intelligent Design science or ‘creationism in a cheap tuxedo’? 21st July 2014 Joshua Gidney – Fourth Response I wish to begin this response by thanking Francis for his refreshingly substantive and engaging rebuttal. I believe that in his critique of ID, he has stepped up several […]

John Lennox responds to the God Delusion thesis, pivoting on the power of agent explanation (vs. scientism)

John Lennox is always a treat, here in a video in reply to the God Delusion thesis: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Food for thought and comment, starting with, what is a delusion and then pivoting on the power of agent explanation. What do we think, why? END

Neanderthal jewelry?

Who was it said Neanderthals didn’t do this kind of thing?

Online exhibit of Neanderthal culture

Researchers: Neanderthals believed in life after death. … food and tools buried with the corpse.

Darwinian Jerry Coyne allows us to know that philosopher John Gray denigrates reason …

Anyone who thinks that violence has declined in the last century must have slept through most of it or be remarkably poorly informed.

Proteome found in humans. But is it found in textbooks?

The flattening of information hierarchies often means that small, independent outfits can draw level with or surge ahead of major approved sources of information.

Senior scientist on the real threat to the scientific method

His account of how the system that made fraud easier got started (best of intentions, etc.) is most interesting.

The Christian Scientific Society can now offer tax-deductible donation receipts

The Society is friendly to discussions of ID

Nicholas Wade’s Troublesome Inheritance: Everyone seems to have missed the Dark Enlightenment

Darwin’s name exercises power mainly over those who actually believe that stuff.

Next artificial intelligence doom scenario is 2075

Bostrom: Machines have a number of fundamental advantages, which will give them overwhelming superiority

You know it’s hot outside when testing the multiverse is proposed

That makes no sense. The multiverse is implicitly believed by airheads everywhere just because it feels so good and sounds so right. What if it flunked tests?

Birds’ eyespot designs likely had independent origins

According to a new Royal Society paper by Keping Sun et al.

BA77′s Off Topic Thread, Volume 5 — Aerobatic Ballet, what ID has done for me, Cyd Charisse, Tango jealousy, Butterfly

This is a thread for UD commenters to speak their mind. Please keep it civil. Off topic #1 If I could be a ballet dancer, I’d be this man: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt Off topic #2 It’s no secret I’m rather chummy with agnostics, atheists, free-thinkers and academics, and even some of the less […]

Epigenetics: Sugar causes bee genes to express differently than honey

Researchers: Some of the genes that were activated differently in the honey-eating bees have been linked to protein metabolism, brain-signaling and immune defense.

Human proteome more complex “than previously thought.” Surprise us again.

What say we copyright the expression “than previously thought”?

Science writer: Political correctness is a “disease with no cure.” Really?

Actually there IS a cure.

New at MercatorNet

At “Connecting,” O’Leary’s new media blog.

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