No Bomb After 10 Years

I have been studying the origins issue for 22 years, and I have been debating the origins issue with literally hundreds of Darwinists for a decade. Here’s a brief report: I have to admit that when I first started debating the origins issue I did so with some trepidation. After all, there are a lot […]

Evolution driven by laws? Not random mutations?

If an establishment figure can safely write this kind of thing, Darwin’s theory is coming under more serious fire than ever.

The Demise of Science

I’m reading Jim Baggott’s book, Farewell to Reality, which criticizes the direction that modern science is now taking. He wants to demonstrate what “real” science should look like, and what is instead catching the attention of modern physicists. I wrote about this sort of stuff over two years ago, at about the same time as […]

Chris Hadfield’s very best space photos

After several winnowings. Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian to walk in space. Took pictures.

Keith’s “Bomb” Defused & Debunked

Even though keiths “bomb” has been defused and debunked in several ways, it has occurred to me that there is another major flaw in keiths argument. However, to reiterate the main debunking point: Barry Arrington asked for a “science bomb” that would demonstrate him wrong about what ID argues; keith’s “bomb” assumes the very thing […]

Darwinian Debating Devices #17: De Nile is a river in Egypt . . .

. . . and blatant denial is not an appropriate response to the reality of and/or easily known facts concerning functionally specific complex organisation and /or associated information, FSCO/I: Facts are stubborn things, but people can be more stubborn than that. (That is, there are two types of ignorance, I: simple ignorance because one does […]

Physicists explain quantum theory by discarding Occam’s Razor

The theory has everything going for it but evidence. But today, why should that be a problem?

Enzymes use quantum tunnelling?

If so, it makes sense. The quantum world exists, whether anything uses it or not, but in nature everything tends to get used.

Plato wins the argument against brain scientists?

Plato may win the argument, but there is increasing evidence that many metaphysical naturalists are past all that “argument” stuff.

Plausible model for the simplest self-replicator (SSR)?

Maybe we could get serious answers about origin of life if we started by taking the problem seriously – from an engineering perspective.

But didn’t everyone know this about dogs?

We breed dogs that are useful to us but come at the expense of survival skills.

The world is changing: Someone noticed what “evolutionary science” has become, and laughed

Like how would we know this “selfish gene baby football” from a supposedly plausible hypothesis?

Pope on evolution?

Rousselle: Wait, what? The Church published an encyclical 64 years ago saying exactly what Pope Francis said yesterday? You don’t say!

Massimo Pigliucci takes no prisoners in his war on “denialism”

Oh wait. Rebuttal? But isn’t rebuttal a problem? Should you even be reading it?

Creationism conference: Either attend the event and write about it, or mind your own business.

So the officials mean that MSU is really a university and not just another tax-funded degree mill?

Genes linked to murder: Great news for Magna Carta

By the way, haven’t we been here before? Didn’t we agree a while back that we would never eat lunch in this dump again?

Is Richard Dawkins inherently violent?

One wouldn’t ask except that he is always talking against everyone else as inherently violent.

Slow but sure, the extinct snail turned up again

Some call these types of life forms “Lazarus species,” animals we thought were extinct. (One third apparently turn up again.)

From The Curious Wavefunction on the dangers of certainty in science

Actually, half the people who say they “stand for science” today would lose all interest in it if it didn’t happen to support their pet peeves, grievances, and crotchets.

Artificial intelligence is the devil? More dangerous than nukes?

Worst of all, he wants “regulatory oversight.” So those who can’t stop or fix the machine will spy on the rest of us instead?

Here’s a paper for you if you are interested in information science

An Information-Theoretic Formalism for Multiscale Structure in Complex Systems (Open access)

Is political correctness beginning to destroy itself?

Could this all happen to nicer people? Hope not.

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