Why you can’t have have morality – or marriage – without natural law

Recently, ID critic Professor Jason Rosenhouse has written a series of posts on the topic of morality. In two posts (here and here), he defended the view that morality is objective, but in two other posts in reply to Barry Arrington (here and here), he attacked the only theory that provides morality with an objective […]

Surprise fruit from the “Tree of Life”

From Quanta Magazine: Researchers build the world’s largest evolutionary tree and conclude that species arise because of chance mutations — not natural selection. What? They are allowed to say that now? One reason scientists are skeptical is that Hedges’ clocklike pattern conflicts with the traditional picture of how evolution unfolds. “The classic view of evolution […]

The Blatant Confirmation Bias and Gullibility of Materialists

UD regulars might want to check out this thread at The Skeptical Zone. And follow it all the way through. In it you’ll get to see: (1) EL make assertions (and doubles down on them) about a book she later admits she didn’t even bother to read, assertions which were demonstrable false; (2) Keiths jump […]

There Comes a Time

It happened this morning at 9:13 AM, a moment I shall never forget. The historians had always told us this day would come, but it just seemed impossible. Yes spontaneous origins seems absurd, they agreed, but the inexorable march of science will find it out. It always does. Don’t get in the way of science […]

Zack Kopplin: There is No Scientific Evidence Against Evolution

Zack Kopplin is the face of rational thought. Kopplin is a bright, energetic young man opposing the forces of anti intellectualism and ignorance that deny science and the fact of evolution, and seek to inject religious beliefs into the public schools. There’s only one problem. While we are delighted to see young people get involved […]

eigenstate, some guy named Augustine on line 2.

And yet, will we ever come to an end of discussion and talk if we think we must always reply to replies? For replies come from those who either cannot understand what is said to them, or are so stubborn and contentious that they refuse to give in even if they do understand. Augustine of […]

What’s this about the strange inevitability of evolution?

From Philip Ball at Nautilus: Ah, but isn’t all this wonder simply the product of the blind fumbling of Darwinian evolution, that mindless machine which takes random variation and sieves it by natural selection? Well, not quite. You don’t have to be a benighted creationist, nor even a believer in divine providence, to argue that […]

Darwinian philosopher Daniel Dennett withdraws from science festival

Because the Templeton Foundation is a sponsor: As Darwin’s man Jerry “Why Evolution Is True” Coyne tells it, Once again the World Science Festival (WSF) will take place in New York City in May, the brainchild of Brian Greene and Tracy Day. Let me begin by affirming that I’m all in favor of the Festival […]

New book on DNA compares genome to a car factory

Which happens purely as a result of natural selection acting on random mutation (Darwinian evolution) building up huge quantities of complex, specified information, of course. Over at Evolution News & Views, Casey Luskin talks about that new book, Junk DNA: A journey through the dark matter of the genome (Nessa Carey), on the newfound functions […]

New book: Our long-held beliefs about the history of life are wrong?

A new book from Bloomsbury, A New History of Life: The Radical New Discoveries about the Origins and Evolution of Life on Earth , by Peter Ward and Joe Kirschvink, is blurbed as follows: Charles Darwin’s theories, first published more than 150 years ago, still set the paradigm of how we understand the evolution of […]

New origin theory for cells that gave rise to vertebrates

From ScienceDaily: Now Northwestern University scientists propose a new model for how neural crest cells, and thus vertebrates, arose more than 500 million years ago. … The study also turns conventional thought on its head. Previously, scientists thought neural crest cells had to evolve to gain their incredible properties, but the Northwestern work shows the […]

Nature: Banning P values not enough to rid science of shoddy statistics

From Nature, we learn that in statistics, P values problems are just the tip of the iceberg: P values are an easy target: being widely used, they are widely abused. But, in practice, deregulating statistical significance opens the door to even more ways to game statistics — intentionally or unintentionally — to get a result. […]

How the non-random evolutionary hypothesis differs from Lamarckism

Further to: Lee Spetner’s non-random evolutionary hypothesis (NREH) vs. neo-Darwinian theory (May 4, 2015), Spetner, author of The Evolution Revolution comments, The NREH is very different from Lamarckism. The latter is a theory of evolution based on the inheritance of acquired characteristics. If an animal builds up strength in its limbs, this limb-strength can be […]

A “viroid” was the first replicating entity (replicon) on Earth?

At Huffington Post, Suzan Mazur, author of The Origin of Life Circus, interviews origin of life researcher Ricardo Flores, of the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Plant Biology, Valencia, Spain, who argues that a viroid-like entity is a prime candidate for the first replicon on Earth. Viroids are subviral world parasites, non-protein coding RNAs. Viroids. […]

Darwin-in-the-schools lobbyist Zack Kopplin thinks he’s currently losing …

… his fight for Darwin-only schools in Louisiana. If so that’s significant, because the media party is sure backing him. Their ignorance and prejudice is his strength. Get a load of the cream puff interview at I09: We last spoke with Kopplin in early 2013. Since then, he has continued to campaign tirelessly against the […]

William Lane Craig talks about ID theory

  Here. One refreshing comment for sure: So in response to your questions: 1)What is your definition of intelligent design? This is not the right question. We need to let ID theorists speak for themselves and not impose our meanings on their statements. That’s part of the problem! I’ve tried to explain above what they mean […]

Lee Spetner’s non-random evolutionary hypothesis (NREH) vs. neo-Darwinian theory

From Spetner’s The Evolution Revolution (2014): The nonrandom evolutionary hypothesis (NREH) I am suggesting is a paradigm very different from the random mutation of the NDT. I am suggesting an evolutionary process in which individuals evolve, as opposed to the neo-Darwinian process, which purportedly acts on populations. Stress can induce epigenetic changes in an organism, […]

Well, maybe the fittest in the English Department did not survive, but …

… literary Darwinism is dead. And took a proponent down with it. From Chronicle of Higher Education Review, we learn, Survival of the Fittest in the English Department: Jonathan Gottschall tried to save literary studies. Instead he ruined his career. Which sounds terrible. Until we find out why: The story of how things went so wrong for […]

We are offered a rough guide to spotting bad science

From chemistry site Compound Interest: The vast majority of people will get their science news from online news site articles, and rarely delve into the research that the article is based on. Personally, I think it’s therefore important that people are capable of spotting bad scientific methods, or realising when articles are being economical with […]

Physicist defends consensus science

Should know better. In an article defending consensus science, physicist Ethan Siegel opines, Think about evolution, for example. Many people still rally against it, claiming that it’s impossible. Yet evolution was the consensus position that led to the discovery of genetics, and genetics itself was the consensus that allowed us to discover DNA, the “code” […]

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