The “Anti-Science” Lie

It is often a claim of atheists/naturalists that certain individuals, groups or positions are “anti-science”. There is a narrative now that the Trump administration is “anti-science” because Trump and certain cabinet nominees do not subscribe to certain so-called “scientific” views, such as AGW or certain evolutionary claims, and do not intend to set policy according […]

Rossiter on the Essentially Arbitrary Nature of TE Distinctions

Wayne Rossiter holds a PhD in ecology and evolution from Rutgers and is an assistant biology professor at Waynesburg University.  In a comment to another post he writes: Literally, Jesus is their great stumbling block. Consider the words of Darrel Falk (one of the BioLogos founders): “Faith in Christ’s resurrection is thus the single most […]

List of predatory science journals disappears due to “threats and politics”

From Carl Straumsheim at Inside Higher Ed: Beall’s lists have been controversial among researchers and scholarly communications experts. Advocates of open-access publishing have criticized Beall for being overly negative toward the model. In a 2013 essay, for example, Beall wrote that the open-access movement is an “anti-corporatist, oppressive and negative movement, one that uses young […]

Memos received: New Scientist to U.S. Government: Stop being anti-science = Pot to kettle: Stop rusting

No, really. From the home of the Boltzmann brain wars and information as a physical quality, we now learn, Protesting the incoming Trump administration’s anti-science agenda may not be easy – but it’s vital not just for the US, but the world THE stamp of jackboots, raps on the door, marches and uniforms; these are what […]

A Tale of three marches . . .

The Inauguration of Mr Trump as US President has led to a telling contrast of three marches: The media have given splash coverage to the second march, and had to at least report on the first. Tellingly, predictably, the third — an annual march in defense of life — will receive little coverage, and that […]

Epigenetics: Cultural differences do affect DNA, researchers say

From ScienceDaily: The study examined DNA methylation — an “annotation” of DNA that alters gene expression without changing the genomic sequence itself — in a group of diverse Latino children. Methylation is one type of “epigenetic mark” that previous research has shown can be either inherited or altered by life experience. The researchers identified several […]

Science as Hollywood cubed: Immunologist decries growing culture of narcissism

From Hannah Devlin at Guardian: According to Bruno Lemaitre, an immunologist at the EPFL research institute in Switzerland, it is no longer enough to be right – or even to get there first. Reaching the top of the scientific hierarchy increasingly depends on a glittering media profile, publishing in “trophy journals” and cultivating a network […]

New ID Blog ‘Design Disquisitions’ Now Online

Back in November of last year, I published a post announcing a new ID blog I was working on. This post is to let UD readers know that I have now put the blog online. Do pop in and have a look around! There isn’t much material to look at yet, though there are a […]

Why would naturalist philosophers of science tell us what is wrong with naturalism?

Relevant to that point, what proportion of the total are they? From a survey at philpapers: on where philosophers stand on stuff like God, free will, etc: Free will: compatibilism, libertarianism, or no free will? Accept or lean toward: compatibilism 550 / 931 (59.1%) Other 139 / 931 (14.9%) Accept or lean toward: libertarianism 128 […]

Darwin’s alt right is back, dumping Christianity now

Not just dumping on it. We get mail, only some of which we can quote*: At a recent alt-right meet up in Boston, a number of young alt-righters noted how they’ve given up on Christianity and have converted to neo-paganism (Asatru Folk Assembly). Their complaints about Christianity were as follows: … You have literal cuckolds […]

Rabbi Moshe Maverick challenges physicist Paul Davies on origin of life

At Algemeiner: Question: I’m a little confused here. You have said repeatedly in this lecture and in other lectures, and in your books, that we haven’t the slightest clue how life began. In fact, Christian de Duve himself has stated explicitly that we have no idea how life began. How, then, can he declare that […]

Historian Ted Davis on liberal Protestant acceptance that theology is at war with science

At BioLogos, historian Ted Davis offers: Perhaps the greatest irony about the contemporary religion-science dialogue is the fact that, despite their own strongly articulated denials, many thinkers implicitly accept the “warfare” thesis of A. D. White—that is, they agree with White that traditional theology has proved unable to engage science in fruitful conversation. More than […]

Islamic view of multiverse: “Against the philosophy of science as we understand it”?

From Sedeer El-Showk at Nautilus: From the Muslim perspective, fine-tuning isn’t a problem, but rather an example of the beauty and order of the cosmos. Multiverse proposals seem to willfully undermine this beauty, positing a plethora of universes to account for the observed characteristics of our universe. To Mimouni, the idea is also unscientific. “From […]

The Snowflake Barbarians Strike Again

In Snowflake Barbarians, I speculated about what a post-Christian polity looks like.  Here’s another clue from yesterday:

Free LIVE Interactive Webinar With Dr. Jonathan Wells Today, Saturday, at 3pm Eastern

Discovery Institute’s Dr. Jonathan Wells will be presenting to my LIVE “Apologetics Academy” webinar and fielding audience Q&A today, Saturday, at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 2pm CST / 12noon PST. He will be speaking on the subject of “Design Beyond DNA”. I hope some of you can join us. Please click the link below […]

Cosmologist: In an infinite multiverse, physics loses its ability to make predictions. And that’s okay.

From Ben Freivogel at Nautilus: If the multiverse is large and diverse enough to contain some regions where dark matter is made out of light particles and other regions where dark matter is made out of heavy particles, how could we possibly predict which one we should see in our own region? And indeed many […]

The Inane Beliefs of Atheists/Materialists

1. Climate Alarmism – why do Atheists/Materialists think they can recognize and understand true climate facts and extrapolate them into valid theories about the future of Earth’s climate? Do they not realize all of their mental processes have no top-down, supernatural control/override authority? They think whatever happenstance chemical interactions cause them to think, and believe […]

New Scientist: How far away are our parallel selves? But wait, what does it say about us that we even care?

From Shannon Hall at New Scientist: So where are these unseen universes in relation to ours? How many are there? What goes on inside them? And can we ever hope to visit one? Such questions might sound daft, particularly given the lack of observational evidence that the multiverse exists. And yet thanks to new ideas […]

New pics from Pluto, including strange, icy haloes

At NASA’s New Horizons probe has visited a place never before visited by a robotic probe from Earth: Pluto. In July 2015, the spacecraft completed a nearly-decade-long journey to fly by Pluto, and reveal humanity’s first close-up look at the distant dwarf planet. See photos and images from the New Horizons mission to Pluto […]

Why the fossils we haven’t yet found matter

From science philosophers Adrian Currie and Derek Turner at Aeon: Both Triceratops and Torosaurus lived in what is now western North America near the end of the Cretaceous period. Torosaurus was bigger and had a longer frill on its head, which sported openings or ‘fenestral’. The two species are considered quite distant (different genera). But […]

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