Why Similarities Do Not Prove the Absence of Design

The following is section 2.3 of my new book  Christianity for Doubters. As the title indicates, much of this book is explicitly theological, but the first two chapters are about intelligent design. In the preface, I wrote “Of course, you do not have to believe anything in chapters 3-6 of this book or anything in […]

Science looks cute in those fascist jackboots

From guest blogger Amanda Freise at Scientific American: It’s Time for Scientists to Stop Explaining So Much Research shows that more facts don’t necessarily lead to changed minds, but my colleagues have a hard time accepting it Not to leave you in suspense or anything: This theory of science communication, the so-called “deficit model,” suggests […]

Do Computers Think Creatively?

The many advances in computer technology have convinced many people that AI is real and it is coming soon. This article focuses on the concept of creativity, and what that means for the question of whether someone can actually build an “artificial intelligence” with computers. Read More

The “Eyes” Have It!!

Scientists have examined the ability of the human eye to detect single photons. It turns out that they can’t. However, they can detect as few as five to seven, though. It’s really a quite remarkable feat. Here’s what one of the authors had to say: “If you imagine this, it is remarkable: a photon, the […]

Peer review: The Hoax on Us

From Salvo: An entertaining but revealing development in science culture in recent years has been the intentionally nonsensical academic paper. Earlier this year, political scientist Peter Dreier admitted at Prospect that his abstract for a panel of six years ago, “On the Absence of Absences,” was “academic drivel”: I tried, as best I could within […]

New Book: The Intelligent Design Debate and the Temptation of Scientism

We have been talking a bit about Rope Kojonen this last week, with his presentation at the AM-Nat conference and his recent paper on methodological naturalism in the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion. Now he has a new book out covering a philosophical perspective on the Intelligent Design debate.

Favoured particles on death row?

From Jacob Aron at New Scientist:One of the world’s leading dark matter detectors has wrapped up a nearly two-year-long search for the mysterious particles, without finding a single whiff. The results suggest that the days may be numbered for the dominant model of dark matter. More. But then, this is from new Scientist, our favourite […]

Does “race” exist?

From Steve Novella at Neurologica: The scientific question of whether or not race exists is, in my opinion, not completely objectively answerable. It depends. Is Pluto a planet or dwarf planet? Astronomers can reasonably disagree about where to draw the line. More. If only people would just shut up after that, a lot of social […]

Dumb ugly: If humans evolved to survive car crashes

From Andrew Del Colle at Road and Track: “The truth is, our cars have evolved a lot faster than we have,” says David Logan, a team member on the project and road safety engineer at the Monash University’s accident research center. “Our bodies are just not equipped to handle the forces in common crash scenarios.” […]

Quote of the day: Re New Scientist on Darwin

At “New Scientist peddles Darwinism even now. Weeds grow,” we learned, The work of Charles Darwin showed, irrefutably, that humans are just another animal occupying a small branch on a vast tree of life. No divine spark is needed to explain our existence and traits. bornagain77 writes, Perhaps by irrefutable proof’ he means the fact […]

New Scientist peddles Darwinism even now. Weeds grow.

Can anyone believe this? From John van Wyhe at New Scientist: Evolution is the most revolutionary concept in the history of science. Nothing else has more radically changed our understanding of the natural world and ourselves. Nothing? The work of Charles Darwin showed, irrefutably, that humans are just another animal occupying a small branch on […]

Tom Wolfe: What we think we know re evolution is wrong

  People know American author Tom Wolfe best for Bonfire of the Vanities and Radical Chic. He coined phrases for people who sense that something is wrong with the decades-long descent. Many probably don’t know that he doubted Darwin’s hegemony would last ages before the Royal Society began to wonder. He gave it forty years. […]

Was life found on Mars 40 years ago?

From Ethan Siegel at Forbes: The first test was performed first, and came back negative. The second test was next, and also came back negative. By time the third test was performed, with both landers in situ, the prospects were pretty grim, but the data was taken anyway. To the surprise of almost everyone, both […]

Free papers from Springer, today only

From Special Issues in Education, including Research in Science Education. Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista (Just think, one of the biggest Portuguese language blogs is a Brazil-based ID site.)

Organisms are quantum machines?

From BBC: Quantum processes may occur not quite so far from our ordinary world as we once thought. Quite the opposite: they might be at work behind some very familiar processes, from the photosynthesis that powers plants – and ultimately feeds us all – to the familiar sight of birds on their seasonal migrations. Quantum […]

The highly engineered transition to vertebrates: an example of functional information analysis

In the recent thread “That’s gotta hurt” Bill Cole states: I think over the next few years 3 other origins (my note: together with OOL), will start to be recognized as equally hard to explain: The origin of eukaryotic cell: difficult to explain the origin of the spliceosome, the nuclear pore complex and chromosome structure. […]

Viruses powered human evolution?

From ScienceDaily: The constant battle between pathogens and their hosts has long been recognized as a key driver of evolution, but until now scientists have not had the tools to look at these patterns globally across species and genomes. In a new study, researchers apply big-data analysis to reveal the full extent of viruses’ impact […]

Nutrition: Can’t believe it’s not science?

From RealClearPolicy: Consuming butter does not increase the risk of heart disease, a recent study found. Those who believed in the accuracy of U.S. government dietary guidelines — which for decades have demonized saturated fats — were doubtless taken by surprise. But for those of us who follow nutrition and politics, it’s just another government […]

Darwinism: Evolution faster on warmer Earth?

From ScienceDaily: Early life forms on Earth are likely to have mutated and evolved at much higher rates than they do today, suggests a new analysis from researchers at the University of North Carolina. In a study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Richard Wolfenden, PhD, and his colleagues […]

Walking stick insect flees skinless 50 mya

From ScienceDaily: In a piece of Baltic amber about 50 million years old, research has uncovered an exoskeleton similar to that of a modern-day “walking stick” — evidence of an insect that literally was frightened out of its skin, and made its way to freedom just as it was about to become forever entombed by […]

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