The Influence of Biogeography on Evolutionary Thought

It is not that evolution is not true. Of course evolution is true—I evolved when I had breakfast this morning. As evolutionists like to say, evolution is mere change over time. Thus the changing of gene frequencies is a favorite proof text for evolution. But by broadening the definition of evolution to include anything and everything […]

Not all creationists are created equal?

Typically, Real Clear Science didn’t ask an ID theorist to explain what ID is.

Evolution Professor: Origin of Life “Not Impossible”

It’s not that speculation about flexible, cartoon hypotheses that are religiously motivated, supposed to have occurred long ago and are not falsifiable is wrong. But we shouldn’t confuse it with science. To wit, evolutionist Christoph Adami’s latest work skips those annoying scientific details and instead takes a high-level view of the origin of life:  Read […]

Patients show consciousness in vegetative state?

Terri Schiavo, sorry you don’t get mail any more. You’d like to know someone noted this.

A Conversation With a TE

Preliminary Note:  I have put words in the TE’s mouth based on my understanding of what he would in fact say.  If I have gotten it wrong, I trust you will inform me.   IDist: World-renowned atheist Richard Dawkins says that living things overwhelmingly impress us with the appearance of design by an agent (whom […]

Fri Nite (not) frite: How magicians do it

In case you wondered how the hand is quicker than the eye

Are new atheists naturally selected to survive?

One thing new atheism won’t be good for is a civilization. Maybe that’s why women found other things to do?

Lamarck was right: How epigenetic memory is passed through generations

Study shows how epigenetic memory can be passed across generations and from cell to cell during development.

Don Johnson: It’s All About Information

Don Johnson, with Ph.Ds in Chemistry and Computer & Information Sciences, was certain that evolution was a fact until he realized that evolutionary theory had gone beyond the science. Watch this terrific video to see the role of information in molecular biology.  See more

Why a simulated brain is not conscious

Rafi Letzler has written a fascinating article titled, Is a simulated brain conscious? in which he poses several interesting thought experiments. For instance, would a group of people standing together in a giant field, with each person obeying the rules that one of the 86 billion neurons in a typical human brain obeys, possess a […]

When not to trust an expert

Catholic blogger Simcha Fischer has written an excellent post titled, But what if we’re not scientists?, which addresses the question: how can laypeople decide whether or not to accept a scientist’s say-so on a given topic? She warns against some of the common cognitive pitfalls that we are all liable to make, on occasions (I’ve […]

Experts pan quantum mechanical replication of Miller-Urey experiment

Simon Hadlington of Chemistry World reports that quantum mechanical simulations of the 1953 Miller-Urey experiment, which used an electrical discharge to generate amino acids from simple organic molecules, suggest that formic acid and formamide may have acted as short-lived chemical intermediates in the reactions that gave rise to life on Earth. However, some experts are […]

The New Atheists: A House Divided

The rift between P.Z. Myers and Richard Dawkins is now official. After Dawkins tweeted that he admired equity feminist Christina Hoff Summers (the author of Who Stole Feminism?) for her bravery, and mockingly referred to Myers’ Free Thought Blog as the “Feedingfrenzy Thoughtpolice Bullies”, Myers hit back, accusing Sommers of being “an anti-feminist … on […]

What’s Left of Darwinism?

Here’s a link to a Science Daily article on epigenetics. The authors report that the known and studied method of epigenetic marking, methylation of Histone3=H3, is not only passed down from one cell generation to another during development, but that these epigenetic markings are passed on from one generation of organisms to the next. These […]

The ten most controversial profs in the United States?

Barham ignores tenured crackpots, focusing on controversial profs whose ideas are considered persuasive but dangerous.

Lee Spetner: The Evolution Revolution

I just received my copy of Lee Spetner’s new book, The Evolution Revolution which follows his earlier Not By Chance! In these books Spetner lays out a new theory of origins, a new way of looking at biology, and really a new way of doing science, at least in the life sciences. I couldn’t agree more with his approach. […]

When I Explained Darwin I Got Pushback about Biogeography

I recently explained that Darwin, as well as evolution co-discoverer Alfred Wallace, came to believe in transmutation and so they then sought a suitable mechanism. That comes straight from leading Darwin historian Janet Browne. And why did Darwin and Wallace “believe in transmutation” in the absence of a known mechanism? Both Darwin and Wallace made it clear […]

Philosopher talks back to the Copernican Principle (Principle of Mediocrity)

Pigs fly. Someone with a blackboard behind him says something sensible on Earth’s uniqueness

Early Earth less ‘Hellish’ than previously thought?

If this find holds, we understand better how life was even possible back then (not how it happened).

The vein patterns in fruit fly wings never vary by “more than the width of a single cell”

Different flies, same width. Very precise indeed.

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