Psychology, we are told, is NOT in crisis

In, where else, the New York Times: An initiative called the Reproducibility Project at the University of Virginia recently reran 100 psychology experiments and found that over 60 percent of them failed to replicate — that is, their findings did not hold up the second time around. The results, published last week in Science, have […]


In a comment to a prior post “daveS” writes: AFAIK, 2 + 2 = 4 could very well be a self-evident truth. I assume “AFAIK” means “as far as I know.” If that is the case, daveS should know that it is in the nature of self-evident truth that putting the qualifiers “AFAIK” and “could […]

FYI-FTR: SS’s red herring –> strawman abuse of the Golden Rule vs the needed World-Root IS that grounds OUGHT

For some weeks now, in the teeth of repeated correction, SS [attn, LH, DK etc] has been abusing the Golden Rule by dragging it as a red herring across the track of the issue of grounding OUGHT in a world-root level IS, and then setting up a strawman argument on how reciprocity adequately founds moral […]

Devolution: Dumping info can make life better, maybe

Provided you don’t ask for much: Today, we often hear that these non-random mechanisms of evolution are consistent with Darwinian evolution (the Modern Synthesis). So, nothing has really changed after all! Not so fast. Darwinian evolution (Darwinism) had better be consistent with all demonstrated mechanisms of change. Unlike horizontal gene transfer, it has proven difficult […]

“Self-Evident” Does Not Mean “Apparent”

Many of our materialist friends do not seem to know the difference between the epistemological categories of “self-evident” and “apparent.” I am providing this primer on the difference to help them understand. Here is a typical exchange where a materialist makes this category error. Barry: It is self-evident that torturing an infant for pleasure is […]

Many current mutterings about dark matter

From the BBC: What is our Universe made of? Billions of dark matter particles pass through us every second. “They are in your office, in your room, everywhere,” says Frenk. “They are crossing through your bodies at a rate of billions per second and you feel nothing.” There have been some false alarms along the […]

DNA has a molecular ambulance

From BioTechniques: A molecular motor that transports damaged DNA is also necessary for its repair. Double-strand breaks in DNA are a source of stress and sometimes death for cells. But the breaks can be fixed if they find their way to repair sites within the cell. In yeast, one of the main repair sites resides […]

Humans are “unique super-predator”?

The BBC, having announced that chimps have “entered the Stone Age” (because they smash stuff with rocks, as do birds), has also announced that humans are unique super-predators. Actually, the point made is mostly a sensible one (for once): The analysis of global data details the ruthlessness of our hunting practices and the impacts we […]

But why is the quantum world thought spooky anyway?

From Nature: Quantum ‘spookiness’ passes toughest test yet It’s a bad day both for Albert Einstein and for hackers. The most rigorous test of quantum theory ever carried out has confirmed that the ‘spooky action at a distance’ that the German physicist famously hated — in which manipulating one object instantaneously seems to affect another, […]

The Economist replies to Steve Meyer, seemingly

From the Economist: In the fourth of our series of articles on scientific mysteries we ask why, a mere 542m years ago, animal life suddenly took off Oh, we mean Steve Meyer, author of Darwin’s Doubt, about the Cambrian explosion of life forms over half a billion years ago. Just look at how Darwin’s Econo followers […]

Smart crows DON’T show strong evidence of social learning

From ScienceDaily: “We don’t know whether the crows have cumulative technological culture, and one of the reasons is that we don’t know how they learn,” said Logan. “There’s a hypothesis that says in order for cumulative technological culture to occur you need to copy the actions of another individual. And we don’t know whether the […]

FYI-FTR: P burns down rationality in order to save “critical rationality”

Sometimes, it is a sad necessity to make a public example. In this case, P has been attacking not only inductive reasoning but chains of reasoning in general, in order to try to make the generic chaining of warrant illustrated in the following infographic — and especially its focus on the trichotomy, (i) infinite regress, […]

Hallelujah! 2nd vol Dawkins’ autobiography

As usual, we close off our religion coverage for the week with inspirational messages from the new atheists. As many new atheists appear to have gone to relationship counselling (possibly why they are no longer threatening to sue each other or creating scenes in elevators for a global public?),  we are once again proud to […]

Prof opposes “infantizing” college students, but…

… it turns out that he mainly means the ones from religious families: TPP’s basic philosophy was that while you are entitled to your beliefs you are not entitled to avoid discomforting or contradictory ideas, you are not entitled to a free-pass when it comes to a critical analysis of beliefs like yours (individuals were […]

A 14 Week Old “Red Pen”

Here is a “red pen” for all of those who insist that unborn babies are not human. Deny that baby’s humanity until you are red in the face. Your denial is insane. You know the truth.

Big science can only explain small gods

From Science: Feature: Why big societies need big gods, by Lizzie Wade, Science’s Latin American correspondent: Although much of Egyptian cosmology is alien today, some is strikingly familiar: The gods of today’s major religions are also moralizing gods, who encourage virtue and punish selfish and cruel people after death. But for most of human history, moralizing gods […]

I get mail: Cavin and Colombetti redux

In December 2013, I wrote a post on the subject of miracles in response to Professor Robert Greg Cavin and Dr. Carlos A. Colombetti, titled, Cavin and Colombetti, miracle-debunkers, or: Can a Transcendent Designer manipulate the cosmos? Today, I received an email from Professor Cavin, who claimed I had totally misconstrued his (and Colombetti’s) argument. […]

10 Key Ways To Break The Mass Delusion Machine

Great article up at The Federalist. Excerpts: Political Correctness is all about Propaganda Compliance. PC is the engine of the propaganda machine that produces mass delusion. PC is basically a calculated process of molding public opinion through psychological manipulation. The process is twofold: saturation and suppression. Saturation is the practice of repeating a deception relentlessly […]

Science journalist suffers chronic abuse syndrome

First, only one-third of published psychology research is reliable. How do we respond? We sort of knew that but, from the Conversation: What does it mean if the majority of what’s published in journals can’t be reproduced? Publishing together as the Open Science Collaboration and coordinated by social psychologist Brian Nosek from the Center for […]

Is it better not to know the truth?

From Aeon: Curiosity about trivial things might have evolved. Not because it’s likely to be adaptive, but maybe as a necessary by-product of a drive to understand the world, which is itself useful. … But even if the truth is valuable in itself, that doesn’t mean it’s always better to know. There might still be […]

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