1) Dawkins wants to land porn on Muslim world? 2) Dawkins yawnfest has just got to stop?

Well, for sure we would vote for #2, if we were offered some kind of ballot.

Justifying Moral Interventions via Subjectivism (and an apology to RDFish)

First, I’d like apologize to RDFish for mistakenly attributing to him an argument others had made earlier in the “Moral Viewpoints Matter” thread, which I had argued against prior to RDFish entering the thread.  He never changed his position as I later asserted. Sorry, RDFish.  I also think my mistake led me to take RDfish’s […]

When people do not want to confront intellectual freedom issues

I have lived all my life in a country where this garbage was unheard of in the 1960s. Most of it would not be heard of in the 1860s or the 1760s.

On the reasonableness and importance of the inherently good Creator-God, a necessary and maximally great being

I keep getting pulled away from an intended post on FSCO/I  and that famous little round reel as an undeniably concrete case in point: I have to get around to it . . . Anyway, a couple of days ago, given some recent exchanges in and around UD, I took time to post a William […]

H. L. Mencken: The nail in the coffin

I’ve written about H. L. Mencken’s mendacity at the Scopes trial in two previous posts (here and here). In today’s post, I’m going to drop one more bombshell, which will, I hope, drive the final nail in the coffin of Mencken’s credibility as an accurate reporter on the trial. My bombshell is actually a letter […]

Is this the best argument for a multiverse?

And the whole thing ends in moralistic sludge too.

“Trigger warning” on Immanuel Kant

If you need trigger warnings, trust me, you do not need university. Save the money for cosmetic surgery instead.

But why IS physicist Lawrence Krauss a celeb? Or is he?

Guess a guy can’t be too zealous in defending his trademark. But how much is the trademark worth?

Seemingly ramping it up, sociobiology’s E.O. Wilson wants to eliminate “religion”

Religion? Some religious beliefs are compatible with civil liberties in the Western sense and some are not.

Christians should be eradicated?

In an emergency, it finally became possible in Canada to talk beyond the secular burkha of political correctness.

In Canada, a Victory for Freedom Over Fascist Thought Police

Reported here.

Philosopher Thomas Nagel thinks it is okay to discuss design in nature even in school?

Paper encourages us to consider that intelligent design may help us understand complex systems.

New blind beetle find challenges Darwinian evolution?

But if we don’t know whether evolution aims in any direction or not, doesn’t that knock the wind out of most theories about it?

Simple Pocket Calculator Model Outperforms Complex Climate Models

I don’t know if someone has seen this item on Phys.Org, or not. One of my most strident objections to global warming is the failure of climate models to actually ‘model’ what temperature has done over the last twenty years. Here’s this simple program that gets it right. As one of the authors put it: […]

Framing the Debate – How Design Books are Categorized

I rarely set foot in a bookstore, having long ago succumbed to the Amazon.com convenience. But Saturday my son had an urge to buy some comic books — and he had to have them now. He waited semi-patiently, with regular reminders throughout the day of his desire — nay, his urgent need — to go […]

Oldest snake fossils 70 mya earlier than thought?

Researchers: Characteristic snake skull and its parts appeared long before snakes lost their legs

William Lane Craig’s video on the objectivity of morality and the linked reality of God

Here: embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt In this video, Dr Craig argues that we have good reason to accept the objectivity of ought, and from that we see that there is a credible ground of such, God. In slightly more details, if one rejects the objectivity of the general sense of OUGHT as governing our […]

Nobelist Charles Townes, inventor of laser and ID sympathizer, dies at 99

Townes: Intelligent design, as one sees it from a scientific point of view, seems to be quite real.

The right to ridicule: what do readers think?

By now, I expect that readers will have formed their own opinions about the tragic massacre of twelve people at the Paris headquarters of Charlie Hebdo. And I expect, too, that people will have read and digested the remarks subsequently made by His Holiness Pope Francis on the inappropriateness of ridiculing other people’s faith. In […]

Scientific American claims to reveal the secrets of Neanderthal cognition

If we mean only to say that they were humans, not animals, then the secrets of their cognition are the same as the secret of ours.

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