Jimmy Kimmel vs. Sarah Palin on climate change: my take

Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has attacked former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for questioning the existence of a scientific consensus on global warming and for promoting a documentary called Climate Hustle, whose aim is to expose the myths about global warming. Climatologist Judith Curry has written a review of the film, which she found to […]

Brain prunes self to achieve best “design”

From Salk Institute: LA JOLLA–When tweaking its architecture, the adult brain works like a sculptor–starting with more than it needs so it can carve away the excess to achieve the perfect design. That’s the conclusion of a new study that tracked developing cells in an adult mouse brain in real time. New brain cells began […]

WJM on Talking to Rocks

UDEditors:  WJM’s devastating rebuttal to Aleta’s materialism deserves its own post.  Everything that follows is WJM’s: Aleta said: William, I know that your view is that unless morality is somehow grounded (purportedly) in some objective reality to which we have access, then it is merely subjective, and that then people have no reason not to […]

Michael Behe to Deliver Online Webinar on Saturday May 7th

Dr. Michael Behe is going to be presenting an interactive online webinar on May 7th (8pm GMT / 3pm Eastern / 2pm Central / 12noon Pacific) to my group, the Apologetics Academy (http://www.apologetics-academy.org). Behe will present on the biochemical evidence for design for approximately 1 hour and then field questions from the floor. I run […]

Origin of Life: Professor James Tour points the way forward for Intelligent Design

Professor James Tour’s recent video, The Origin of Life – An Inside Story, managed to accomplish three things at once: it shattered the credibility of abiogenesis as a theory; it provided American high school science teachers with an excellent classroom resource for countering evolutionary propaganda; and (perhaps unintentionally), it set a new research agenda for […]

Another naturalist slam at free will

From Scientific American via Business Insider: In a study just published in Psychological Science, Paul Bloom and I explore a radical—but non-magical—solution to this puzzle. Perhaps in the very moments that we experience a choice, our minds are rewriting history, fooling us into thinking that this choice—that was actually completed after its consequences were subconsciously […]

One trillion “species” on Earth?

From ScienceDaily: Earth could contain nearly 1 trillion species, with only one-thousandth of 1 percent now identified, according to a study from biologists. The estimate is based on the intersection of large datasets and universal scaling laws. Scaling laws, like those discovered by the IU scientists, are known to accurately predict species numbers for plant […]

Tree of Life online—with great graphics

From One Zoom Tree of life software: OneZoom is a vivid and interactive guide to the relationships between all life on earth. You can marvel at a stunning variety of species and discover your favourites among them on our tree of life. More. Click on human for some fun. The problem with a “”tree of […]

Templeton now rebranding Darwin rethink

To avoid controversy. No guff. As Suzan Mazur, author of The Paradigm Shifters: Overthrowing “the Hegemony of the Culture of Darwin,” tells it at Huffington Post: The Big Questions are these: What exactly is the extended evolutionary synthesis (“ES”) John Templeton Foundation has recently funded with $8M (and $3M more going to ES from institutional […]

Forbidden! Darwin debunker must be stopped!

From science writer Daniel Engber at Five Thirty-Eight: Who Will Debunk The Debunkers? Sutton, a criminology professor at Nottingham Trent University, started his career of doubting very young: He remembers being told when he was still a boy that all his favorite rock stars on BBC’s “Top of the Pops” were lip-synching and that some […]

Study: Christians for Darwin are mere dogmatists

Closing off our religion coverage for the week (a bit late), we hear from Filthy Monkey Men (an evolutionary anthropology blog by a Liverpool Student with Attitude): Lots of religious people accept evolution, but they typically only do so because they’re following religious dogma, not because they understand the subject So some researchers decided to […]

Naturalism need not make sense in order to rule

From a review of Richard Weikart’s The Death of Humanity by Mike Keas at Christian Post: Many things are striking about Weikart’s powerful treatment of his subject, but I noted, in particular, his discussion of some statements from atheist biologist Richard Dawkins. These statements have a curious, persistent, and revealing inconsistency to them. Here is […]

New Scientist: Evolution makes religions judgmental?

Wow. Nicholas Baumard here: Christianity’s success is often attributed to its supposedly unique message. Unlike earlier religions, it exhorted people to be good and promised to reward them for their goodness in the afterlife. That is still how most people conceptualise the Christian message: helping others, working hard, controlling one’s sexuality and believing that people […]

Hillbilly hordes descend on science

Robbert Dijkgraaf muses on the barbarians at the gates of science at Nautilus: What does the evolving frontier of knowledge mean for society’s relationship with science? Long borders are difficult to patrol. Professional gatekeepers of scientific knowledge can no longer control the flow of information as they used to. In an age of the “University […]

Claim: Neanderthals chewed more, died out

Another ntry inth “why the Neanderthals died out” science talk show, from ScienceDaily: Neandertals adapted their diet to the resources that were most readily available and easily accessible, while modern humans seemed to have invested more effort in accessing food resources. Modern humans’ changes in diet were possibly more strongly marked by the use of […]

Are we alone in the universe? Probably, but…

For whom is that a problem? Escience News attempts to set some limits to our uniqueness Frank said that the third big question–how long civilizations might survive–is still completely unknown. “The fact that humans have had rudimentary technology for roughly ten thousand years doesn’t really tell us if other societies would last that long or […]

Major human extinction more likely to kill you than traffic accident

Yeh, the End of All Thing IS at hand. File yer tax return first, okay? The government needs the money. Robinson Meyer at the Atlantic channels the best of science: Nuclear war. Climate change. Pandemics that kill tens of millions. These are the most viable threats to globally organized civilization. They’re the stuff of nightmares and […]

Earth shatters at new physics find?

From CERN researcher Pauline Gagnon at Aeon: Physics is on the verge of an Earth-shattering discovery The Higgs boson filled in the last missing piece of the Standard Model, but this model is itself clearly incomplete. None of its particles has the properties of dark matter, a mysterious entity that is five times as prevalent as […]

Evolution Arguments Are Not Holding Water

Being an evolutionist means never having to say you’re sorry. Just look at Richard Dawkins who will say pretty much anything at any time, no matter how much it contradicts science or just plain logic. If he ever gets into trouble he can always lapse back into a rant about those creationist rascals and the […]

Sell your stock in volcanic vents

From ScienceDaily: The crucibles that bore out building blocks of life may have been, in many cases, not fiery cataclysms, but modest puddles. Researchers working with that hypothesis have achieved a significant advancement toward understanding the evolutionary mystery of how components of RNA and DNA formed from chemicals present on early Earth before life existed. […]

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