Y chromosome arose independently twice at same time, 180 mya

Just an accident. more

Off Topic : Maltose and Isomaltose are such nice looking molecules

α-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→4)-D-glucopyranose α-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)-D-glucopyranose This is your chance to talk Off Topic. Keep it civil please. more

Will the real Neutral Theory please stand up?

What kinds of structural, functional and behavioral complexity can the neutral theory of evolution account for, and what kinds of complexity can’t it account for? According to Professor Larry Moran, to evince confusion on these vital questions is a sure sign of being an “IDiot.” But it is the “neutralists” themselves who are confused on […] more

Atheism of the gaps

Professor Jerry Coyne has recently written a post titled, Atheism of the gaps, in which he urges skeptics to “make believers read about unbelief” before listening to their arguments, and “make atheism-of-the-gaps arguments.” In the first section of his post, Professor Coyne throws down the gauntlet: If people can fault us for not reading Aquinas, […] more

Emergence of Life – New University of Illinois Online Course

One of the wonderful things about the internet is the jaw-dropping amount of information available – literally at our fingertips.  Never before in history has the common individual had so much knowledge and experience and expertise available for the learning.  To be sure, there is plenty on the internet that is incomplete, wrong, or downright […] more

Junk DNA files: Genes on the Y chromosome a must for male survival

The Y chromosome had been reprieved earlier from its status as a vestige about to disappear, but this is newish. more

How come “publish or perish” didn’t touch Fred Sanger?

Like Peter Higgs, two-time Nobelist Sanger would not survive today’s world of science. more

AP GfK poll, more non-Darwinists than Darwinists

Here are the numbers for extremely or very confident in the following positions from March 2014 poll by AP GfK Darwinism: 31% non-Darwinism: 42% Earth 4.5 billion: 27% Earth NOT 4.5 billion years old: 36% Anthropogenic global warming: 33% non-Anthropogenic global warming: 37% Big Bang: 21% non-Big Bang: 51% Universe so Complex there must be […] more

No past infinity? But what about a minus past infinity?

Kirk Durston: It is impossible to count through the entire set of negative integers, from minus infinity to zero, one integer at a time. more

This season’s science: Life got started without water?

So it’s not in the primordial soup. Maybe it’s in the spoon? more

If most molecular evolution is non-Darwinian, how can codon bias and duon codes evolve?

Most molecular evolution is neutral. Done. PZ Myers From wiki: Codon usage bias Codon usage bias refers to differences in the frequency of occurrence of synonymous codons in coding DNA. A codon is a series of three nucleotides (triplets) that encodes a specific amino acid residue in a polypeptide chain or for the termination of […] more

Never mind. Today is just a dream

The evidence is in. Science doomed us on Earth Day ages ago. It’s like a movie. We don’t exist. Or something. more

What would the universe look like, if the past was infinite?

There cannot be an infinite past, since we would not reach our “here-and-now”. more

Technically, we don’t believe in the Darwin awards, but …

in the interests of public safety … this guy tries to instruct the public on train safety more

Universe before Big Bang? Almost surely part of multiverse

Actually, other sources have developed the multiverse into a way bigger pantheon than just a universe that is “much bigger than just the part observable to us.” more

Pop liberal theologian Karl Giberson on debate with Meyer

It sounds as though Giberson didn’t want to debate Meyer’s actual argument. more

Cost of maintenance and construction of design, neutral theory supports ID and/or creation

Most of biological ID literature is focused on Irreducible Complexity and Specified Complexity (Specified Improbability) and information theory, no free lunch, critique of OOL, the Cambrian explosion, etc, But there is another line of argument that is devastating to the claims of mindless evolution that has been underappreciated partly because it is highly technical, and […] more

Oxford evolutionary psychologist on unselfishness, Earth Day

If we decide civilisation is worth preserving, “… we have to work out what to save and which people would be needed in a drastically reduced population.” more

Is Richard Dawkins leading people away from The Blind Watchmaker …

… to Jesus? The Holy Smoke blogger discusses two publicized cases:

Deal on Kindle price for Woodward’s Darwin Strikes Back

If someone were to write a history covering the period since, what would it be called? “Darwin? Aw, Come On!” ? And the next ten years? “Darwin Who?” ? more

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