Materialist “Magic”

I am finally getting around to an in-depth read of Thomas Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos, and I am gratified to learn that an honest materialist agrees with my assessment of “emergentism.”  It is a confession of ignorance disguised as an explanation.  In Materialist Poofery I wrote: the materialist . . . must come up with […]

Animal Body. So What?

Humans and chimpanzees are genetically similar. Some estimate the similarity at 98%. Others slightly less. A lot of ink has been spilt regarding this issue. See here, here, here, here, and here for just a few examples of the thousands of articles that have been written on the subject. What is all the fuss about?  It […]

Myers and Dawkins: A pox on both their houses

I’ve been quiet on UD for a while, but after seeing the (however qualified) praise VJ Torley has handed Myers for his limp-wristed opposition to a moralizing Richard Dawkins, I feel the need to offer another view. Myers deserves no praise for his opposition to Dawkins on the issue of the morality of (mandatory) aborting […]

P.Z. Myers rebukes Richard Dawkins for his tweet on Down syndrome

Hot on the heels of Denyse O’Leary’s recent post on Richard Dawkins’ tweet that it would be immoral to bring a kid with Down syndrome into the world by choice, P.Z. Myers has weighed in against Dawkins. Myers writes: I’m fully in agreement with Dawkins that abortion is not an unethical choice. The woman can […]

Richard Dawkins on Down syndrome: Immoral that such a person should live

Incidentally, my closest childhood friend was a boy with Down syndrome.

Why should Richard Dawkins even live?

Could we call off the hate campaign? Could we at least listen to what the people who have Down syndrome have to say?

Biology-based psychiatry? Is it just a cover for materialism in medicine?

Sometimes sounds that way. Gonna be ugly.

Neanderthal story sent back to rewrite?

New study suggests much longer overlap.

Five alarm fire!!: If US parents don’t like feds’ Common Core, ID could be taught in school!!

What does “taught” mean? Advocated? Discussed? Informed about?

Is Sam also among the prophets? Sam Harris book on spirituality without religion

For some reason, evolution has not prepared some of us to take an interest in Harris’s forthcoming book.

Apparently, the disappointment with the multiverse (“multiverse ennui”) can’t last, so …

“Nasty impasse”? Sounds like they are missing something, can’t think what.

A hundred people walked out of Darwin/evo psych indoctrination lecture at Oxford?

Instead of offending people with her ridiculous evo psych theories (stuffed toys?), Blackmore should defend her ideas against a serious apologist.

Robert Mark’s article at Human Events

Robert Marks has an article “Biological Information: New Perspectives from Intelligent Design” at Human Events today. If you have comments, please post them there.

Brain-(nearly) absent man baffles medical experts

This brain tendency (neuroplasticity) could become quite important in addressing dementia, a common problem for the increasing numbers of very aged people.

Have human brains shrunk, and does it matter?

From A new replica of an early modern human brain has provided further evidence for the theory that the human brain has been shrinking. The skull belonged to an elderly Cro Magnon man, whose skeleton is called Cro Magnon 1. The entire skeleton was discovered in 1868 in the Cro Magnon cave in Dordogne, […]

It’s not just the ID guys – get this one re a fellow who questioned some climate change panel

Actually it is questionable that being a good scientist is any kind of a defense any more if one is undermining fashionable and profitable nonsense.

Does ID ASSUME “contra-causal free will” and “intelligence” (and so injects questionable “assumptions”)?

Those who have been following recent exchanges at UD will recognise that the headlined summarises the current objection highlighted by objector RDFish, an AI advocate and researcher. A bit of backdrop will be useful; a clip from Luke Muehlhauser in the blog/site “Common Sense Atheism” will aid us in understanding claim and context: Contra-causal free will […]

Why Greta Christina’s critique of God-guided evolution misses the mark

Atheist and feminist blogger Greta Christina recently wrote an essay for AlterNet titled, Why You Can’t Reconcile God and Evolution, which has been re-published in Salon magazine under the title, The truth about science vs. religion: 4 reasons why intelligent design falls flat. The article was then critiqued by an agnostic called Andy Ihnatko and […]

I have never had strong views about human evolution but …

I doubt researchers are going to get anywhere from here because, given materialist doctrine, it is not clear where to head.

Is epigenetics becoming a part of normal science?

Most genes, it turns out, are not so much selfish as too willing to hang out with the wrong crowd and learn bad habits.

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