Ancient sub seafloor life and ET life

 From Wood’s Hole: Ancient rocks harbored microbial life deep below the seafloor, reports a team of scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), Virginia Tech, and the University of Bremen. This new evidence was contained in drilled rock samples of Earth’s mantle – thrust by tectonic forces to the seafloor during the Early Cretaceous […]

FYI-FTR, Attn LH: a Pepperoni Pizza, sliced . . .

Pizza, sliced: (Relevant to, is a finite whole greater than any of its proper parts?) BTW, Euclid, opening remarks: Axioms. i . Things which are equal to the same, or to equals, are equal to each other. ii . If equals be added to equals the sums will be equal. iii . If equals be […]

Team finds Earth’s mineralogy is unique in cosmos

From ScienceDaily: New research predicts that Earth has more than 1,500 undiscovered minerals and that the exact mineral diversity of our planet is unique and could not be duplicated anywhere in the cosmos. Wouldn’t that b bad news to the cosmos-a-minute/fund us!! crowd? Minerals form from novel combinations of elements. These combinations can be facilitated […]

Ann Gauger on why Darwinism = information loss

Not gain. Darwinism, as taught in school, is the claim that natural selection acting on random mutation generates huge levels of information, not noise. Here is what really happens: Ann Gauger of the Biologic Institute here: Microbiologist Ralph Seelke and I published a paper in 2010 where we demonstrated that cells always, or nearly always, […]

Mathematician are Trained to Value Simplicity

I ran into an old friend from grad school the other day, who told me about an experience he had recently while attending a mathematics meeting at an Ivy League university. During the lunch break, my friend recounted, I ran into two mathematicians who were debating the results from a talk just given by Dr. […]

Did New Scientist come before the Big Bang?

Every so often, we run posts linking to people speculating about what happened before the Big Bang. Pop science mag New Scientist offers to tell us the latest speculations, if we will but sign up eventually to pay something like US$22-$49 to discover, According to the big bang theory – our best explanation for why […]

Courageous scientist thinks facts matter

From ScienceDaily: Key molecular process in brain is different in males and females For 20 years, Woolley actively avoided studying sex differences in the brain until her own data showed her that differences between females and males were real. Her discovery, reported in 2012, that estrogens decreased inhibitory synaptic transmission in the brains of female […]

Small protein change made us smarter than chickens?

From ScienceDaily: Brain size and complexity vary enormously across vertebrates, but it is not clear how these differences came about. Humans and frogs, for example, have been evolving separately for 350 million years and have very different brain abilities. Yet scientists have shown that they use a remarkably similar repertoire of genes to build organs […]

Giant 460 mya sea scorpion found in Iowa

From Eurekalert: Giant ‘sea scorpion’ fossil discovered The fossil of a previously unknown species of ‘sea scorpion’, measuring over 1.5 meters long, has been discovered in Iowa, USA, and described in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology. Dating back 460 million years, it is the oldest known species of eurypterid (sea scorpion) – extinct […]

Remembering William Provine (1942–2015)

Further to the recent announcement of philosopher of biology Will Provine’s passing, here were many fields to which he contributed. With a colleague, he did a most interesting study of evolutionary biologists, 78% of whom he described as pure naturalist atheists like himself. Some of his many reflections on the true meaning of the Darwinism he […]

Insane Denial, Example 2,793

Insane Denial.  This time from Learned Hand: And I have no way to check whether a slice can be greater than the whole other than by testing it Romans 1:22 leaps to mind. UPDATE: LH can’t seem to stop himself. He added Example 2,794 this morning: I cannot therefore be logically, absolutely certain of anything—not […]

Will Provine Has Died

Thank you to Allan MacNeill for the following announcement: Sorry about the placement of this, but Will Provine, perhaps the greatest historian of evolutionary biology of the 20th century, has died. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1995, had it surgically removed and underwent chemo and radiation. The tumor returned about four years […]

From Nature: PubPeer phantom appears, gives name

Here: Pioneer behind controversial PubPeer site reveals his identity Since launching in 2012, the website PubPeer has become a hub for post-publication peer review — often via anonymous posts. More than 35,000 comments have been posted so far and in the process the site has become a vehicle for making allegations of misconduct, and has […]

Quote of the Day

All that follows is from commenter RDM: Perhaps the greatest irony of this whole discussion, given that it is primarily dealing with materialists and their objections to self-evident moral truths, is two-fold. First, consider that in many respects, philosophical arguments are simply plausibility comparisons. One argument/view is simply more plausible than another. Now, in terms […]

Psychology, we are told, is NOT in crisis

In, where else, the New York Times: An initiative called the Reproducibility Project at the University of Virginia recently reran 100 psychology experiments and found that over 60 percent of them failed to replicate — that is, their findings did not hold up the second time around. The results, published last week in Science, have […]

Many current mutterings about dark matter

From the BBC: What is our Universe made of? Billions of dark matter particles pass through us every second. “They are in your office, in your room, everywhere,” says Frenk. “They are crossing through your bodies at a rate of billions per second and you feel nothing.” There have been some false alarms along the […]


In a comment to a prior post “daveS” writes: AFAIK, 2 + 2 = 4 could very well be a self-evident truth. I assume “AFAIK” means “as far as I know.” If that is the case, daveS should know that it is in the nature of self-evident truth that putting the qualifiers “AFAIK” and “could […]

FYI-FTR: SS’s red herring –> strawman abuse of the Golden Rule vs the needed World-Root IS that grounds OUGHT

For some weeks now, in the teeth of repeated correction, SS [attn, LH, DK etc] has been abusing the Golden Rule by dragging it as a red herring across the track of the issue of grounding OUGHT in a world-root level IS, and then setting up a strawman argument on how reciprocity adequately founds moral […]

DNA has a molecular ambulance

From BioTechniques: A molecular motor that transports damaged DNA is also necessary for its repair. Double-strand breaks in DNA are a source of stress and sometimes death for cells. But the breaks can be fixed if they find their way to repair sites within the cell. In yeast, one of the main repair sites resides […]

Humans are “unique super-predator”?

The BBC, having announced that chimps have “entered the Stone Age” (because they smash stuff with rocks, as do birds), has also announced that humans are unique super-predators. Actually, the point made is mostly a sensible one (for once): The analysis of global data details the ruthlessness of our hunting practices and the impacts we […]

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