Phillip Johnson and Bayesian Priors

For scientific materialists the materialism comes first; the science comes thereafter.  We might more accurately term them “materialists employing science.”  And if materialism is true, then some materialistic theory of evolution has to be true simply as a matter of logical deduction, regardless of the evidence.  That theory will necessarily be at least roughly like […]

Science “Proves” Nothing

When someone says “the science is settled” one of two things is true:  (1) they know better and are lying; or (2) they are deeply ignorant about the philosophy of science.  Geraint Lewis, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Sydney writes: . . . science is like an ongoing courtroom drama, with a continual […]

Evolution Professor: DNA Code Indicates Common Descent Because … Why?

In my previous post we saw that evolutionist Jerry Coyne claimed that “Darwin showed that ‘design-like’ features could arise from a purely naturalistic process.” That whopper was not even thinly disguised. What is particularly striking about Coyne’s lie is that the science ever since Darwin has not demonstrated this either. It is not as though […]

Ironic Bluster

I’m not done mining the rich little vein of error ore that Evolve managed to compress into one paragraph.  Evolve writes:  “DNA is a chemical molecule whose components are present in nature. It is not a software program.” Now, it is certainly true that DNA is a chemical molecule whose components are present in nature.  […]

Darwinian Fideism And Who is the Real Leaper

In my last post I noted that Darwinists can be proud fundamentalists too. And then a commenter who goes by “Evolve” kindly provided an example in the combox to this post. Evolve writes: [All] of life’s processes can be reduced to chemistry. DNA is a chemical molecule whose components are present in nature. It is […]

Genome doubling (polyploidy) a key factor in evolution?

“Genome doubling has shaped the biological world more than any other process,” comments Doug Soltis.

Free will not threatened by neuroscience?

Neuroscience has consistently failed to support the idea that the mind is an illusion.

Epigenetics: Objective stress exposure affects methylation in babies?

Studies like this—where we have extensive information about the actual conditions— may be helpful in shedding light on statistical averages.

Stephen King, horror novelist, discovered ID

He has a “tendency to believe in intelligent design.” If he is a novelist, he had better. Novels don’t happen by chance.

Reptiles can learn through imitation?

But the advertised distinction between “imitation” and “emulation” sounds suspicious.

Darwin, Poe and Arrington’s Prediction

Charles Darwin and Edgar Allen Poe were born within one month of each other (February 1809 and January 1809 respectively).  Sadly for someone trying to connect Darwin with “Poe’s Law,” the “Poe” in Poe’s Law takes its name not from Edgar Allen but from Nathan Poe.  From Wikipedia’s article on Poe’s Law: Poe’s law, in […]

Guided tour of no free lunch theorems

So … if this is correct … Darwinism isn’t so much wrong as impossible.

Bill Dembski’s Being as Communion now available on Kindle

Easier than waiting for that letter carrier to not trip over the dog. ;)

Should the symbol of life be a hoop, not a helix?

Well, this neighbourhood isn’t GATTACA then.

Where Did The Water Come From?

Having read the recent post here on where Earth’s water came from, I just stumbled across an interesting article over at from June of this year, evidently commenting on a find that was originally reported in Science (at least, that’s what I’ve gathered from reading a bit about it elsewhere). I’m not sure if anything came […]

From the BBC: Complex organic molecule found in interstellar space

Better not invest in advance alien civilizations or flying saucer technology based on this.

Daniel King: Stand Up Guy

In a prior post I highlighted an altercation with Daniel King. DK has been posting here since 2006, and his comments, while generally critical of ID, have been for the most part measured and civil. I am happy to report that Mr. King has accepted responsibility for his actions and posted an apology. We all […]

Humans started to develop tools at same time, didn’t just learn from others?

Sounds like intelligence, not just an illusion of intelligence (because it made a difference).

Here’s the Atlantic’s attempted takedown of Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis)

A certain sort of sophisticate just knows he is right about everything, because he is so hot, he is cool.

The “Turnabout” Tactic

Recently Eric Anderson started a series on Darwinian Debating Devices, to which I submit the following contribution: “turnabout.” KF has a great explication of this debating tactic at his website, which I summarize: This fallacy turns on blaming the victim by implying or asserting (a) moral equivalency through pretended equality of blame for the cycle […]

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