Memo to Dawkins: Half of Brits probably don’t believe in Darwin anyway

Might Dawkins’ growing loss of popularity with his own base reduce the number of convert to Darwinian atheism?

Hyper-skepticism and “My way or the highway”: Feser’s extraordinary post

Imagine that scientists discovered the best documentary evidence for God’s existence that anyone could possibly hope for: messages in the DNA of each and every human cell, saying “Made by Yahweh.” Imagine that a notorious New Atheist and a well-known Catholic philosopher are both asked by journalists what they make of this evidence. The New […]

DO’s Prediction succeeds (2 1/2 years ago): “Increasingly, logic will be seen as a covert form of theism”

In a recent UD post, our Newsdesk predicted: “Increasingly, logic will be seen as a covert form of theism.” This was actually fulfilled two and a half years ago, in a combox exchange at the shadow-site, TSZ. I commented on UD President BA’s post on the prediction, and wish to headline that, feeding in some […]

Quote of the Day

From our own Denyse O’Leary comes this gem: “Prediction: Increasingly, logic will be seen as a covert form of theism.”

How Dawkins is losing his own base, which is what matters

Thompson: he’s exposed a rich vein of hypocrisy in the Left — and, more significantly, an intellectual rift between hard-line and multiculturalist atheists.

Whatever made Dawkins famous, he has lost it

We have it on good authority that some naturalist atheists have abandoned their principles and are abjectly praying to the Retirement Fairy. ;)

What makes us human: Stories

Prediction: He won’t turn storytelling into a science, but he will turn it into a big fat bore.

Jonathan Wells defended against Massimo Pigliucci’s attack

Wells was among the first well-qualified persons to talk openly about the vast, rotting mass of received doctrine about origin of life and evolution.

Someone tries telling the truth: Darwin wasn’t that great but he met an elite need

Then one of Darwin’s defenders pipes up

Could ancient Earth fossils make their way to the moon?

One space science team tried measuring the impact on fossilized diatoms.

Philosopher of science Massimo Pigliucci on the new ideas-challenged campuses

He has such difficulty calling the new “Shut up, they explained” culture what it is: Mediocrities with tenure, thugs in office, and cowards on the Board.

What WON’T we toss out to defend the multiverse?

Cosmologist Sean Carroll would retire falsifiability as a science idea. Jason Rosenhouse dismisses Occam’s razor.

New Zealand crows get smarter every time we study them

It would be interesting to compare crows to chimpanzees on tests of this type, as well as children (as here).

Horizontal gene transfer: The world is just a DNA scrap yard

And bacteria are the Class A mechanics loading up on spare parts.

If the Jackboot Fits . . .

It has been more than a year since I posted Nick Matzke – Book Burner?  Which I reproduce here: Nick Matzke famously got the publishing company Springer to suppress the publication of the papers of a conference held at Cornell.  See here. He did this without having seen, much less read, any of the papers.  Obviously, his […]

Blood sucking bugs (all together now…) earlier than thought, 130 mya

Insects not classified as bugs but as midges seem to have sucked blood as nourishment 230 million years ago.

Design principles in the feather

Before biomimetics, there was little interest in studying biological materials to gain inspiration for human invention. This is because researchers assumed that living things originated via “blind watchmaker” mechanisms. Since most researchers had discarded any thoughts of intelligent agency, it seemed only natural to think that living things would not help the human quest for […]

Epigenetics: Early abuse changes gene expression in children

Or, as one expert put it, “If you think love conquers all, you’re not paying attention.”

Jason Rosenhouse: Multiverse is a “done deal,” Occam’s razor doesn’t apply

Prediction: Increasingly, logic will be seen as a covert form of theism.

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