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January 2014: Events that made a difference to ID

My sense is that we are making some headway against what Leon Wieseltier has referred to as Darwinist dittoheads.

Quantum mechanics derived from a new theory of information?

A reader suggests that Masanes’ thesis may be relevant to William Dembski’s metaphysics of information.

Convergent evolution? Crown of Thorns starfish shows “surprising” chordate-like gene organization

Researcher: surprised to see chordate-like Hox cluster organization in starfish, which have a radial body plan

The Precipice is Real

All that follows is from commenter “Redwave”: Prior to taking a long road to a juncture at which I became a scientist, I was an hospice chaplain who had visited hundreds of people at the precipice of life, at death … at death’s appearing and intruding into every fibre that intertwined what we have thought […]

Scientific American bloggers quit rather than face Orwellian censorship?

So … just like at The New Republic, lots of writers just quit, despite today’s economic hardships?

String theory slowly unravelling, supporter concedes. But press on!

Look, if string theory had any backing at all, given its possible promotion of the multiverse, it would be court-ordered in the compulsory school system now.

Breaking: Article in Nature defends integrity of physics against multiverse, string theory

Unfortunately, the plea ends on a somewhat tinny note. The problem really ISN’T attacks from outside. Quit fooling yourselves.

Physicist Rob Sheldon on Earth, comets, and water

Comets have never melted, never electrolyzed, never gone through the phase changes that are sensitive to weight.

Carnivorous bog plant features smallest genome to date

Researchers: The reasons for the wide range of genome size found in different species remain largely enigmatic.

The New Republic collapse: Even the keynote speaker cancelled her subscription

One factor that prevented such mags from reaching millionaire’s toy status in the past was the unique service they provided. “It doesn’t just chatter, it THINKS!”

Will PZ Myers end up alienating atheists from Darwin?

Curious that both Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers, key Darwin defenders, are people one senses the atheist movement (new and old) would like to be rid of.

Do Christians worship many gods?

Paula Kirby is one of the more thoughtful contemporary critics of religion. A few years ago, I was much struck by a remark she made in one of her essays, that even Christians don’t all believe in the same God. This, to my mind, is a much more powerful argument against religious faith than the […]

Books of interest: A reader commends Lessl’s Rhetorical Darwinism

Even a distinguished professor had HUGE problems at Baylor as a result of seeking to determine how much of “evolutionism” is just BS.

Peer review: The Simpsons’ gang from TV get themselves a journal paper

About “fuzzy” symmetries’s influence on the work of Japanese mad scientist Karthik Lakshminarayanan.

Self-organization, a misnomer

The term “self-organization” is widely used with relation to many phenomena: crystals, laser, Bénard’s heat convection cells, Prigogine’s dissipative non-equilibrium open systems, oscillating chemical reactions, Eigen’s autocatalytic cycles, chaotic systems, origin of life, cellular replication, homeostasis, morphogenesis, embryological developments… About this list there is an important conceptual distinguo to do and a possible misunderstanding to […]

Convergent evolution: Crows can play with kids’ toys, like primates

If ape rights claims are made on the basis of intelligence, should smart crows not also have human rights?

“Maybe life is information that manages to ensure its continued existence … ?”

“Manages to,” in the title quotation from the vid, doesn’t quite cover it. Life SEEKS TO ensure its continued existence.

A new example of evolution going backwards?

It was once classic evolution doctrine, known as “Dollo’s law,” that traits once lost could never be regained.

Does this physicist have a groundbreaking idea about why life exists?

Sure. Why not? There are hundreds of them out there.

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